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Math Activities for Parents

Math in the Bath- NAEYC


What is it? This link gives ideas and suggestions on how to incorporate math learning during bath time.

How does it work? Click on the link and read through the suggestions, pick out a few to try out next time you give your child a bath.

Why might this be a good choice for your child? Young children learn best through play and while in their natural environments--which makes bath time a great place for learning.


Window TicTacToe Game


What is it? This is a simple game for two people that needs very little materials and set up. Tic-tac-toe is a traditional game that can be played anywhere by making marks on a surface, including paper, chalkboard or sketched in dirt or sand. This game does not take up space in the house. Children can leave the game and return to it later on. This tutorial will show you how to easily set it up and take it down. 

How does it work? You will need: a window, crayons or children’s markers, masking tape. For cleaning up: paper towels, water.

Why might this be a good choice for your child? This classic game uses simple materials found in the house and involves children in setting up, playing and cleaning up. The game lets children play with a partner and helps them think of strategy in game playing.


Cooking Skills for Kids


What is it? This link gives you a list of what skills children can apply in the kitchen based on their age (2yrs -13yrs). It also provides basic cooking language to use with kids, and suggestions on how to help children with the skills listed.

How does it work? Read the information in the link and apply it when cooking with your child.

Why might this be a good choice for your child? Children love doing real work. Cooking is a great way to introduce many concepts they will need for school. It also helps them to practice eye hand coordination and strengthen hand muscles for writing.