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Science Activities for Parents

Toys as Tools: Everyday Science Experiences- NAEYC


What is it? This link gives you a list of everyday, inexpensive toys that can help your child learn about science. You may already have some of the suggestions like mirrors, or magnets.

How does it work? Click on the link and read the suggestions; the suggestions offer ways that your child can play, tell you what they are learning, and give advice on what you can say to your child while they are playing.

Why might this be a good choice for your child? Children do not need fancy or expensive toys to learn about science; in fact simple toys may engage the brain more.


10 Nature Activities for the Family


What is it? This is a list of 10 different activities that involve nature or outdoor ideas.  

How does it work? Some of the activities require adult supervision (like walking to the park), but many of these activities can be set up for children to complete alone.

Why might this be a good choice for your child? Walking to the park or digging up dirt are easy and fun ways to get the body moving, which benefits a child’s physical health. These activities might also spark your child’s lifelong interest in farming, nature, camping, science, or physical activity.


Nature Connection 


What is it? Activities to connect children to nature, the outdoors, and the valuable lessons it has to offer. 

How does it work? Read the page with your child’s age range and try out the activities! 

Why might this be a good choice for your child? These activities can help children to develop a love for and connectedness to the natural world around them, from backyards and patios to hiking trails. 

Cloud Paint and Activities 


What is it? This is a recipe for cloud paint (also known as snow paint and puffy paint) with 3 different activities to do with preschoolers of different ages.

How does it work? First watch the “Clouds” circle time video with Teacher Lourdes (link included), then follow the instructions provided.

Why might this be a good choice for your child? These activities provide children with an opportunity to work on observation and creativity skills, vocabulary and concepts about books, and scientific knowledge as they get to know the materials and how they react when mixed together and allowed to dry.


Pintura de Nubes y Actividades


Que es? Esta es una receta para preparar Pintura de Nubes, mas 3 opciones de actividades para preescolares de diferentes edades.

Cómo funciona? Siga las instrucciones y recuerde dejar que el niño/a haga cuanto paso pueda mientras conversan acerca de lo que están haciendo en cada paso y a que se parecen sus creaciones?

Porque es beneficioso? Estas actividades ayudan a que el niño/a trabaje sus habilidades de observación y creatividad. Ayuda también a desarrollar procesos científicos al manipular los materiales y observar cómo cambian al mezclarlos y al dejarlos secar.


Frozen Ice Balloon Science Experiment


What is it? This link has instructions on how to set up a frozen ice science experiment at home.

How does it work? You will need balloons (any balloons or closable plastic bags will work), and a freezer. Other items like small toys, salt, or food color are optional. Freeze the balloons and take the ice outside, or use a bin in the house. 

Why might this be a good choice for your child? This is a project that you can set up for your child and let them play independently for a longer period of time. Playing with ice is a fun sensory experience and helps children learn about science. 


Coneccion Naturaleza


Que es? Actividades para que niños(as) se conecten con la naturaleza y las valiosa lecciones que ofrece.

Cómo funciona? Lea la actividad para la edad apropiada con su niño(a) y lleve los pasos a seguir.

Why is it “Good” For my Child?Estas actividades son buenas para ayudar a l niño(a) desarrollar el amor hacia el mundo natural y su coneccion a él; desde el jardín de la casa y el patio a caminos silvestres. 


Bringing Nature Inside The House: Planting Dried Beans or Seeds


What is it? Simple, basic project to plant dried beans or seeds and grow them inside the house. This is a great nature activity that teaches plant growth without the use of dirt.

How does it work? Read and look at the picture tutorial to show how to assemble the materials. 

Why might this be a good choice for you and your child? This activity uses materials you probably have at home such as water, small plastic bags, paper towels and a few dried beans or seeds. This is an activity that is easy for your child to follow and watch seed growth over time. Older children can chart or draw changes in the beans/seeds every day. 


French Toast


What is it? This is a cooking project you can do with children ages 2 ½  and up.

How does it work? Follow the instructions and remember to let your child do as much as they can while talking to them about what you are doing and why?

Why might this be a good choice for you and your child? This activity helps your child work on math skills through counting and measuring, science concepts through observations and gathering information through the senses.Your child can learn vocabulary and concepts related to cooking, and build self help skills. It is also a great way to spend some time together creating memories.


Tostadas Francesa


Que es? Esta es una receta para panecillos de plátano que puede hacer con sus hijos/as de 2 años y medio para arriba.

Cómo Funciona? Siga las instrucciones y recuerde dejar que el niño/a haga cuanto paso pueda mientras conversan acerca de lo que están haciendo en cada paso y porque?

Porque es beneficioso? Esta actividad ayuda a que el niño/a trabaje en habilidades matemáticas al contar y medir, científicas al observar y usar sus sentidos para explorar los ingredientes. Su niño/a puede aprender vocabulario y conceptos de cocina, puede aumentar su habilidad en cuanto a autoayuda. También es una gran forma de pasar tiempo juntos creando memorias