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Food Safety Update

This quarterly newsletter provides up-to-date food safety information. (English only)

Issue Articles  
Volume 70

Produce Safety from Purchase to Consumption: Shopping; Storing; Preparing

8/9/19 Download
(893KB PDF)
Volume 69

Spring Clean Your Kitchen; Refrigerator Cleaning; Pantry Cleaning

5/7/19 Download
(1,003KB PDF)
Volume 68

Reusable Grocery Bags; Tips for the Use and Care of Reusable Grocery Shopping Bags - At Home and At the Store

2/15/19 Download
(1,009KB PDF)
Volume 67

Kids and Food Safety; Guidelines for Keeping Kids Safe; Microwave Safety Tips for Children; Why Are Children at Risk?

11/7/18 Download
(248KB PDF)
Volume 66

Packing Safe Lunches; Getting Ready to Make Lunch; Preparing Foods; Keep Hot Foods Hot and Cold Foods Cold; Transporting Lunches Safely

8/1/18 Download
(985KB PDF)
Volume 65

Produce Tips to Keep You Safe; Check for Bruising or Damage; Clean Hands, Surfaces, and Utensils; Rinse Just Before Eating; Separate from Contaminants; Throw Away

5/1/18 Download
(1,123KB PDF)
Volume 64

Food Safety Practices and Cookbooks; Cookbook Food Safety Mistakes; Cooking Cart

2/1/18 Download
(1,073KB PDF)
Volume 63

Holiday Food Safety - Tips to Reduce Risk of Foodborne Illness

11/15/17 Download
(1,203KB PDF)
Volume 62

Farmers' Market Food Safety; Keeping Produce Safe; Keeping Milk, Cheese, and Eggs Safe; Keeping Juices and Cider Safe; Keeping prepared Food Safe; Storing Your Farmers' Market Purchases Properly

8/4/17 Download
(1,074KB PDF)
Volume 61

Reusable Shopping Bags; At Home; At the Store

5/30/17 Download
(1,007KB PDF)
Volume 60

Food Product Dating; What is Food Product Dating?; Does Federal Law Require Dating?; Commonly Used Phrases; Date on Egg Cartons; Storing Food Safely

2/10/17 Download
(1,325KB PDF)
Volume 59

Holiday Food Safety; Safe Food Handling-Shop and Store; Safe Food Handling-Preparation; Safe Food Handling-Hitting the Road; Safe Food Handling-Leftovers

11/17/16 Download
(1,361KB PDF)
Volume 58

Raw Dough - Safe to Eat?; The Culprit; Symptoms and Who is at Risk; Safe Handling of Foods

8/1/16 Download
(196KB PDF)
Volume 57

Fresh Produce Safety: Buying Tips; Storing and Separating Tips; Preparation Tips; Prewashed Produce

5/26/16 Download
(248KB PDF)
Volume 56

Foodborne Illness; Frequently Asked Questions

2/3/16 Download
(196KB PDF)
Volume 55

Washing Hands, Food and Kitchen Surfaces; Foods that Should Always Be Washed; Never Wash; Keeping Your Work Area Clean


11/24/15 Download
(218KB PDF)
Volume 54

Keep It Chilled; Your Refrigerator is a Critical Tool for Keeping Food Safe; Thawing; Picnics, Barbecues and Buffets; On the Road

8/19/15 Download
(188KB PDF)
Volume 53

Keeping Food Safe; Supermarket Safety; Handling Rotisserie Chicken Safely

5/6/15 Download
(188KB PDF)
Volume 52

Brown Bagging It; Safe Lunches Start in the Kitchen; Dining at Your Desk; Tips for a Safer Lunch


2/25/15 Download
(244KB PDF)
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