Invasive Shot Hole Borers
Invasive Shot Hole Borers
Invasive Shot Hole Borers
University of California
Invasive Shot Hole Borers

In the News

Passage of AB 2054 Creates ISHB Research & Management Plan by East County Magazine, 5/29/2018

San Diego County Approves Two Million Dollar Tree Planting Program  by CBS8, 1/11/2018

Drought and Bugs Have Killed Tens of Thousands of Trees in the Santa Monica Mountains by Louis Sahagun, LA Times, 12/5/2017

All the Trees will Die, and Then So Will You by Adam Rogers,, 5/9/2017

Insects Ravage Trees in the Southland  by Louis Sahagun, LA Times, 5/7/2017

'Unprecedented' Tree Die-off Hits Southern California by Marissa Cabrera & Maureen Cavanaugh, KPBS, San Diego, 4/26/2017 

The Trees That Make Southern California Shady and Green Are Dying. Fast.
by Louis Sahagun, LA Times, 4/19/2017

Newly discovered beetle decimates trees in Tijuana River Valley
by Nancy Aziz, CW6 News, San Diego, 9/2016

Beetle Mania  by Chris O'Neal, Ventura County Reporter, 7/2016

Beetles Eating Millions of Trees are Creating a Fire Risk in Parts of Orange County  by Aaron Orlowski, Orange County Register, 7/2016

Forestry Officials Ramp Up Fight Against Invasive Beetles
by Maureen Cavanaugh, Michael Lipkin, David Wagner, KPBS News, San Diego, 5/2016

UC Irvine's Leafy Campus is Now One Big Laboratory to Fight Tree-killing Beetle  by Amina Khan, Los Angeles Times, 4/2016

Beetle Infestation Killing Trees at UC Irvine by Greg Lee, ABC7 News, 5/2015

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