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Driver Safety

Employees and volunteers may be required to drive in support of University business. This page provides resources to help our drivers perform this task safely.

Incident Reporting and Insurance Information

Please keep this packet of information available in any University owned or leased vehicles: Vehicle Insurance & Incident Reporting Packet

Drive Safely at Work

The first week in October is the annual Drive Safely Work Week, but we should practice safe driving year round, on and off work.  Please review the materials below, rate your personal risk, and take the pledge to Drive Focused.

Drive Safely Work Week Materials

Safe Driver Training Resources

In the United States there are 5.25 million driving accidents that take place per year. Over half of the accident results in some kind of injury or fatality. To help prevent UC related driving accidents we offer the following online driver safety training for your convenience. Though these courses are not required, it is highly recommended for employees who are required to drive in connection with their job.

Safe Driver Training (Note: a UCD Login Required for the following Training. If the direct links below do not work, go to http://lms.ucdavis.edu to enter the UC Learning Center, and search for "driver")

In addition to the online courses, the follow links provide additional driver safety information:


Other ANR EH&S Resources

Driver Safety Training Power Point
Driver Safety

Safety Notes

Videos available to loan

  • E-032 Road Rage (DVD – 14 min)
  • E-054 Driving Safely at Night (Trucks) (VHS - 7 min.)
  • E-062 Driving in Bad Weather (DVD - 17 min.)
  • E-067 Vehicle Safety – Driving On The Road (DVD – 17min)
  • E-069 Safe Driving On Freeways (VHS – 17 min)
  • E-083 Driven to Distraction – Driver Safety (DVD – 16 min English/Spanish)
  • E-093 Driven to Distraction II (DVD - English/Spanish) Currently unavailable

ANR employees may request a video here: http://ucanr.org/safetyvideos