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4-H Camp Safety Guidebook

4-H Camp Safety Guidebook  (Revised March 2016)


Appendix B: 4-H Camp Annual Notice of Intention to Operate Letter
Appendix C: 4-H Camp Operating Procedures Template
Appendix D: 4-H Camp Health Care Plan Template
Appendix E: 4-H Camp Emergency Plan Template
Appendix F: 4-H Sample Camp Forms
Appendix G: 4-H Camp Vector Control Plan Template
Appendix H: 4-H Camp Swimming and Boating Safety Plan for Lakes, Streams, Rivers, or Oceans

Resources for Camp Safety During COVID -- Updated for 2023!!

4-H Camp COVID Preparedness Checklist
2023 Overnight 4-H Event Safety Protocols
Healthy Camp Starts at Home (ACA document)

4-H Camp Conference Presentations

Compliance Made Easy - 2016
Incidents, Issues and Answers - 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

4-H Camp Safety Guidebook FAQs
Guidance for Credentials of a Volunteer Camp Health Supervisor
Food Safety Checklist

First Aid & CPR Training Information

California regulations and 4-H policy require that adult chaperones at 4-H camps have training in First Aid and CPR. This training can be conducted by the Camp Nurse, by a certified CPR/First Aid Training organization such as Red Cross or American Heart Association.
Online training is also acceptable: Guidelines for using FirstAidWeb Inc. Online Training

Training Videos on CPR Training (E-095 or E-097) and First Aid (E-096 or E-098) can be requested from ANR EH&S.  Please click here to request the training videos.


Other Resources

4-H Camp Resources for Staff and Volunteers
4-H Camp Risk Management Workbook
California Department of Public Health - Organized Camps
American Camp Association - State Regulations
American Camp Association - Northern CA
American Camp Association - Southern CA
County-specific Camp Regulations or Resources