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Inserting Files

After you've uploaded your file(s), locate where in the text box you'd like to see them appear.

Place your cursor there.

Click on "Insert File" in the Mini File Library.


Your file will appear in the manner of its Type.

You could drag your file into your text editor, however any of the features selected in the "Edit/View" option will not take effect.

And it's plain lazy.


File Types:

  • Word - When uploading a word document, you have the option of converting it to PDF, which compresses the file and further changes will not be allowed. Otherwise, it will remain as a word document.
  • PowerPoint - The editor provides the option of converting the slide show into a pdf. This is a good option if you expect users to simply view the slides online.
  • Video - You are able to upload videos in different formats such as .swf, .mov, .wmv, and other web supported movie files. When deciding to use video on your site, please keep some important considerations in mind:
    • File size. Please make sure your files are small and manageable for the web.
    • Captioning. Please consider making your videos files captioned and have an audio description.
    • For Further video assistance - Please contact Mike Poe, Media Services Manager: mlpoe@ucdavis.edu