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Starting Out with Site Builder

Site Builder 3.0 is a complete, Content Management System (CMS) created by the Web Action Team. It is a full featured tool for creating websites without needing to know the technical side of creating websites.

Who Can Use Site Builder 3.0

All University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) employees can use Sitebuilder 3.0. If you are not a member of ANR, you may still be able to use Site Builder 3.0 when working with an ANR employee. All help questions about Site Builder 3.0 should be through your ANR representative.

ANR employees are responsible for all content on their sites, even for non-staff contributors.

Getting to Site Builder 3.0

Site Builder 3.0 can only be accessed through the ANR Portal. The ANR Portal requires an account to login. Accounts to the ANR Portal are not open to the public but are created and managed by ANR employees and are only available to ANR Staff and Faculty.

For ANR employees you may access the ANR Portal through the Portal Login

Creating a Site

Dashboard Navigation

Dashboard Modules

Site Builder Codes

Getting Help