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Parents and Children

Definition: Pages that are grouped and housed under a master page are referred to as Children, and the master page is referred to as a Parent in Sitebuilder 3. There is no limit to the order continuing on, however children having children can become very confusing. Keeping the order to one simple level and group is a good practice.

Here is a good example of a Parent / Child page relationship:


Adding Children

It's very easy to add children to your pages, and there are two easy ways of doing it.

Method 1

From your dashboard, click on Edit Site Pages, and when your page menu appears, click on "Add Child" on the far right:

add child

Method 2

The other method of adding a child is by clicking on aforementioned "Edit Site Pages" and clicking on either "Page Properties" or "Content"


and then clicking on "Add Child" from the blue menu bar that appears:


Best part is you can get rid of your children if you don't like them, simply click "Delete" later on. Gone, without a word. Even better, you can get them back if you're feeling guilty. It's awesome.


Once you've clicked on "Add Child", the steps are the same as Creating a Page.