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Training and Pruning

Proper tree staking
Proper tree staking

Giving a young tree the proper start can make all the difference in the health and lifespan of landscape trees.

A FREE GUIDE for Training Young Trees can be downloaded at right.

Some simple early practices are:

  • Leave small branches along the trunk for a few years to help add girth.
  • Stake only if the tree can't stand alone and as low as possible to keep erect.
  • Choose a central leader and remove competing leaders.
  • Select scaffold branches that are arranged radially and have strong attachments.

pruning cut diagram
pruning cut diagram

Landscape trees only need pruning to remove dead or diseased wood, crossing or hazardous branches, or to remove temporary scaffolds as the tree grows.  A good start is key to minimizing later pruning.  Cuts should be made outside the branch collar to allow the tree to grow over the pruning wound.

See the WEBSITE at the right for a complete guide to pruning techniques and strategies.