University of California
ANR Statewide Conference 2018

6E. Relationship Building

Pursuits in Collaboration and Integration Across UC ANR for Deeper Impact

Working to solve multi-dimensional challenges and change conditions throughout California requires a cooperative effort across programs to ensure a deeper, more sustainable impact. Participants will explore what collaboration and integration means within ANR through current cross-program models. Join us for a facilitated discussion with ANR researchers and educators, who are leveraging other expertise and resources through their sustainable, collaborative, and integrative efforts. Learn the how, whys, trade-offs, challenges, available resources, and impacts of working together so that your next group project is successful and sustainable too.

Participants will develop and expand knowledge of collaboration and integration, as well as understand the how, whys, trade-offs, challenges and impacts through current UC ANR models.

Moderator: Megan Marotta, Program Integration Coordinator, California State 4-H Office

Presentation slides

Panel Speakers:

Karey Windbiel-Rojas, Associate Director for Urban and Community IPM and CE Advisor, Statewide IPM Program

Dr. Katherine E. Soule, Youth Families & Communities Advisor, San Luis Obsipo CE

Natalie Price, Nutrition, Family and Consumer Sciences, Los Angeles CE

Suzanne Lawry, Program Supervisor, CalFresh, Butte CE


Strategic Plan Goal: #2 Increase UC ANR Reach

Planning Committee: Megan Marotta, Tunyalee Martin, Natalie Price

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