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UCCE Master Gardeners of Tuolumne County
University of California
UCCE Master Gardeners of Tuolumne County

UCCE Master Gardeners of Tuolumne County

Gardening Tips for June

  • Thin apples when ½” diameter.
  • Mow general cleanup for fire protection..
  • Mulch garden beds to retain moisture and encourage deep roots by deep and infrequent watering.
  • Check sprinklers and drip systems for needed repairs and adjustments.
  • Water early in the day to conserve water and minimize plant disease.
  • Pinch back tips of chrysanthemums, fuchsias, marguerites.
  • Tie up vines and stake tall growing dahlias, gladiolas, and lilies.
  • For continued bloom, cut off spent flowers.
  • Hang strips of foil or CD’s in fruit trees to help deter birds.
  • First summer pruning for stone fruit.
  • Thin grapes.
  • Dig and divide crowded bulbs if the tops have died down.
  • Give your indoor plants a bath.
  • Place a 1” board under pots sitting on pavement to insulate them from radiated heat.
  • Thoroughly clean debris from ponds, fountains and bird baths.
  • Check dates of Master Gardener classes.

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Contact the Master Gardener Hotline: 209-533-5912 or fill out the "Ask a Master Gardener" online form.

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Calendar of Events

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Tabatha Yang of Bohart Museum Lauded for Outstanding Service
Posted 6/28/2017 - The Bohart Museum of Entomology came out in force on Monday, June 26 to honor Tabatha Yang,  the recipient of the top award in the service category of the UC Davis Staff Assembly's Citation for Excellence Program. Yang, who joined the Bohart Museum nine years ago, coordinates museum tours, classroom visits, special weekend hours,  summer camp programs,  and other outreach activities that connect science and scientists with the public. She collaborates  with interns,...

UC Davis Commencement Speaker: Upholding the Standard of a Healthy Flatworm
Posted 6/27/2017 - “Nematodes” and “commencement” don't usually appear together in the same sentence. But they did when UC Davis student Hannah Trumbull, a human development major and political science minor from Albany, Calif., delivered her address at the recent UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences commencement. What's a nematode, you ask? Short answer: worms. Longer answer? “Nematodes are an amazing phylum of organisms—they exist in almost every...

Why We Want Our Bees to Be 'In the Pink!
Posted 6/26/2017 - Bees are known to prefer yellow and blue flowers, but pink suits them just fine, too. Here's proof: Two honey bees nearly collide over a pink zinnia. Another honey bee burrows into a pink oxalis. A young honey bee takes a liking to a pink begonia.  Begonias aren't considered bee friendly flowers, but this bee buzzes to its own tune. Meanwhile, the Western Apicultural Society (WAS), under the presidency of Extension apiculturist emeritus Eric Mussen of the UC Davis Department of...

Why We Need to Push for Pollinator Protection
Posted 6/23/2017 - The 10th annual National Pollinator Week ends Sunday, June 25, and what an opportunity it's been to showcase our pollinators! As noted entomologist May Berenbaum pointed out, it's "a celebration of Earth's 100,000-plus animal species that, by transporting pollen and facilitating flower fertilization, make life possible for two-thirds of the world's flowering plants." Berenbaum wrote an excellent pollinator piece posted yesterday on the  National Academy of Sciences' Facebook page....

Kate Frey: How to Attract Pollinators
Posted 6/22/2017 - It's National Pollinator Week and you might be wondering where your pollinators are.  “I'd love to attract honey bees, bumble bees and other pollinators, but what can I do?" you ask. "Where do I start?" So we asked world-class garden designer Kate Frey of Hopland, a two-time gold medal winner at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show in London, co-founder of the American Garden School, and co-author of The Bee-Friendly Garden (with Professor Gretchen LeBuhn of San Francisco State...

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