UCCE Master Gardeners of Tuolumne County
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UCCE Master Gardeners of Tuolumne County

UCCE Master Gardeners of Tuolumne County

Gardening Tips for August

  • Continue mulching to conserve soil moisture and control weeds.
  • Keep harvesting vegetables for continued production.
  • Do the final pruning of summer for fruit bushes.
  • Prune apricots to avoid Eutypa fundus.  Remove about 20% of this year's growth.
  • To prevent the spread of brown rot, clean up debris around fruit trees and pick up dropped fruit.
  • Control salt build-up on indoor plants; hose off the leaves and flush the soil with ample water.
  • Attach bands of corrugated cardboard around apple tree trunks to trap codling moth larvae.
  • Check dates of Master Gardener classes.

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