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ANR news blog

  • The California fires situation is concerning, but not hopeless

    Added August 8, 2018
    Lenya Quinn-Davidson

    The news that Americans are getting about California's devasting fires is not being hyped up by the media, said UC Cooperative Extension area fire advisor Lenya Quinn-Davidson on the nationally broadcast NPR program On Point. Host...

  • Farmers concerned about crops tainted by wildfire smoke

    Added August 7, 2018
    Grapes are particularly to smoke taint when growing close to a wildfire. (Photo:

    When wildfires send smoke into farmland, orchards and vineyards, growers are concerned about the impact of the tainted air on their crops, reported Giuseppe Ricapitio in the Union Democrat. "It's grapes we worry about the most," said Susie Kocher, UC...

  • More sensible land use planning can help prevent wildfire losses

    Added August 6, 2018
    The Carr Fire lights up the sky in Shasta County on July 28, 2018. (Photo: CalFire)

    Climate change is only partly fueling the catastrophic fires in California. Fire scientists also lay blame on the tendency of land use planners to allow the construction of houses and businesses in areas where wildfires are a natural part of the...

ANR Update

Sad news regarding Chuck Ingels
Posted 8/13/2018 - Dear Colleagues, It is with deep sorrow that I pass along the heartbreaking news that Chuck Ingels, longtime UCCE advisor in Sacramento County, has lost his battle with cancer. After his remarkable improvement last year, we had hoped he would remain in...

Please participate in survey on what motivates adoption of new farming practices
Posted 8/10/2018 - Dear Colleagues, Our research can have impact only if someone applies the knowledge learned from the results to make a change. Our colleagues at UC Berkeley are trying to ascertain what motivates California farmers and ranchers to implement farming...

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