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UC contractors and vendors must comply with fair wage plan

As described in Human Resources' Oct. 14, ANR Update email, the UC Fair Wage/Fair Work Plan became effective Oct. 1, 2015. It is important to note that the plan applies not only to UC personnel, but also to contractors/vendors doing business with and providing services to UC. The UC Fair Wage/Fair Work Plan also provides measures to ensure contractor compliance including a dedicated telephone hotline (1-855-WAGES-UC) and webpage by which contract workers may report complaints directly to the Office of the President.

As the first university in the country to voluntarily set a minimum wage, compliance with this requirement will be scrutinized carefully. To ensure compliance, effective immediately it is imperative that UC ANR personnel do not allow contractors and/or vendors to perform work or provide services to UC ANR unless and until a properly authorized UC agreement is in place. (Common types of UC ANR work or services that are subject to the Fair Wage policy include repair services, farm labor contractor services, agricultural services, construction services, etc.)

UC policy has always required that an authorized UC purchase order (or other appropriate form of contract) be executed before work begins. With the implementation of the UC Fair Wage/Fair Work Plan, however, it is critical that UC ANR obtain services only from firms that will execute a contract guaranteeing payment of the plan's minimum wage, as described in UC's factsheet. Accordingly, the vendor's willingness to do this must be confirmed prior to the start of work.

Allowing work to proceed before an appropriately authorized UC purchase order is issued will be considered a breach of UC policy (an unauthorized purchase), and is very likely to trigger new/additional administrative requirements, cause delay and impede payment to the vendor.

The following UC ANR administrative staff members are available to assist you with this and related matters:

UC ANR Location

Contact Name

Phone Number and Email Address

County-based Cooperative Extension Offices

Emily Melton Casado, BOC-K

Emily LaRue, BOC-K



Research and Extension Centers

Debra Driskill, REC AO


Statewide Programs &
ANR Administrative Service Units

Sally Harmsworth, BOC-D

Zach Watkins, BOC-D



UC ANR Oakland

Sonia Scott, AVP-BO


Additional information is available at

Thank you very much for your attention to and compliance with this new University of California policy. 

Catherine Montano
Director, Administrative Policies & Business Contracts


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Posted on Friday, October 16, 2015 at 10:36 AM

Annual Notification: How to File Whistleblower Complaints

The University of California is committed to maintaining the highest standards of conduct in the fulfillment of its education, research, public service and patient care mission. The University's Whistleblower Policy provides multiple avenues for employees to bring forward concerns of potential employee misconduct. All University employees are encouraged to bring forward concerns about possible improper governmental activity directly to their supervisor, department head, Locally Designated Official (LDO) or other appropriate university offices or officials.

The University established a systemwide independently operated whistleblower hotline to allow for calls or web-based reporting from all University employees with a provision for anonymous reporting. The hotline relays the reported concerns to appropriate university officials for processing. This hotline is staffed seven days a week, 24 hours per day and is capable of receiving reports in a number of different languages.

The universitywide toll-free number is 1-800-403-4744. Web-based reports can be made by accessing More information about the whistleblower process can be found on the UC Whistleblower website and on posters displayed in various employee areas. The university's whistleblower poster identifies other channels for reporting improper governmental activity, including the California State Auditor, the California Attorney General and locations for reporting fraud and abuse involving federal programs.

The California Government Code requires every state agency, including the University of California, to annually distribute to its employees a message from the California State Auditor that provides an explanation of the California Whistleblower Protection Act.  Please find the 2015 message attached.


Jake McGuire
Controller & Locally Designated Official

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2015 UC Whistleblower Poster - ANR
2015 UC Whistleblower Poster - ANR

CSA Whistleblower Poster
CSA Whistleblower Poster

CSA Whistleblower Memo 2015-16
CSA Whistleblower Memo 2015-16

Posted on Monday, June 29, 2015 at 12:11 PM

Work Environment Assessment workshops set for spring

Last month Vice President Barbara Allen-Diaz wrote to you about ANR's follow-up plans for the Work Environment Assessment. Six workshops have been scheduled around the state. Please plan to attend the one in your region and mark it on your calendar. Prior to each event, invitations, a registration survey and more information will be sent.

Please remember that California is a very large state, and in scheduling workshops, some people are going to have to travel farther than others. We also understand that not everyone will be able to attend, and we will plan to share information with everyone later in the spring.  The regional groupings, the location of the workshop, and the date are listed below. See the map on the website at  to identify which counties, RECs, campuses and administrative units are in each grouping:

  • South, San Diego – Monday, March 2
  • Central Valley, Kearney REC – Monday, March 9
  • Sacramento Valley, Davis – Tuesday, March 31
  • North, Redding – Wednesday, April 15
  • Administrative Units, Davis – Wednesday, May 20
  • Coast, San Luis Obispo – Wednesday, May 27

Please plan to attend – a positive and welcoming work environment is important to all of us.

Work Environment Committee


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Posted on Wednesday, January 7, 2015 at 3:48 PM

VP announces Work Environment Assessment follow-up

Dear Colleagues,

I want you to know how much I appreciate the time that you took to participate in the Work Environment Assessment in 2012. ANR had a phenomenal 64% response rate! I hosted a virtual town hall with you in April of this year after the results were finally released. Today, I want to provide an update on the steps we are taking to follow up on the Work Environment Assessment. Workshops are being planned for the spring of 2015, and a “Save the Date” message will be coming soon with the date and location of the workshop in each regional grouping. 

Goals of the workshop are to:

  • share information on what we're learning from the assessment results with data by regional grouping as well as overall statewide totals;
  • address instances of exclusionary behavior by engaging in a discussion of Principles of Community; and
  • share information about the new ANR Staff Assembly.

ANR is committed to ensuring a safe, supportive, inclusive and welcoming work environment for everyone. While overall results from the ANR climate study show that most ANR employees are comfortable in their work environment, some reported discomfort.  There is also variation between groups; for example, academics are more comfortable than either represented or non-represented staff. Some employees have experienced exclusionary behavior such as feeling ignored, left out, intimidated or bullied.  

Over the past several months, the UC ANR Work Environment Assessment Committee (see roster below) has been working to identify areas of opportunity for improving the work environment for all ANR employees. The first step will be to engage ANR employees through a series of six workshops.  All academics, staff and county-paid staff will be invited to participate to discuss data from the work environment assessment and additional insights from prior listening sessions. The assessment data will be provided by regional grouping, as well as a statewide overview. 

Although the assessment data that we have does not include campus-based CE specialists (they received the campus version of the survey), they will be invited to participate in the workshops along with the rest of their ANR colleagues. 

We are taking two immediate steps to address the issue of exclusionary behavior.  First, the workshops will include a session devoted to developing “Principles of Community” for ANR.  Principles of Community provide a foundation for understanding our common values.  They define expectations for behavior in the workplace that is professional, welcoming and inclusive.  And they provide a framework for addressing issues that may arise in the workplace.  After all of the workshops have been completed, the draft Principles will be shared and then finalized. 

The second step is to provide a communication mechanism for non-academic staff to voice their issues, concerns and suggestions. ANR academics have the Academic Assembly Council, but there is no similar organization in ANR for staff. Currently all ten campuses, the Berkeley Lab and UCOP have a Staff Assembly organization. There is also a statewide body, called the Council of UC Staff Assemblies (CUCSA) that has representation from all of the Staff Assemblies. I am committed to forming an ANR Staff Assembly. Accordingly, one of the workshop sessions will focus on understanding what an ANR Staff Assembly would do, and why staff would want to be engaged in this organization.

I want to thank the Work Environment Assessment Committee for all of their work to analyze the data and prepare for these workshops. Our work environment is a top priority for me, and I hope you will plan to attend the workshop in your part of the state.


Barbara Allen-Diaz
Vice President  

Work Environment Assessment Committee
2014-15 Roster

Jodi Azulai, Training and Development Coordinator

Bethanie Brown, Human Resources Supervisor, Human Resources—Staff Personnel Unit

Jan Corlett, Chief of Staff to the Vice President

Jeff Dahlberg, Director, Kearney Agricultural Research & Extension Center

Chris Greer, Vice Provost, Cooperative Extension

Kat Hicklin, Business Officer, South Coast Research & Extension Center and UC Cooperative Extension Orange County

Amy Long, Administrative Assistant, Cooperative Extension, San Diego County

Linda Manton, Executive Director, Human Resources—Staff Personnel Unit; Affirmative Action Contact; Title IX Contact

Robert Martinez, Human Resources Coordinator, Human Resources—Staff Personnel Unit

John Sims, Affirmative Action Compliance Officer, Human Resources—Staff Personnel Unit

Rachel Surls, Cooperative Extension Advisor, Los Angeles County


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Posted on Tuesday, December 16, 2014 at 8:19 AM

UC announces big changes in medical plans for 2014

Open enrollment is still about three weeks away, but UC Office of the President has already posted information — including medical plan premiums — to help you start considering your options for 2014.

It is a year of major change. UC is dropping four medical plans and adding two. Anthem Blue Cross PPO and PLUS, Anthem Lumenos with HRA and Health Net Full HMO are being discontinued. Kaiser Permanente, Health Net Blue and Gold, Western Health Advantage and Core (administered by Blue Shield) will still be available.

UC is offering two new plans: Blue Shield Health Savings Plan, which features a UC-funded health savings account; and UC Care, UC's own PPO plan that offers members access to UC doctors and hospitals.

Read about all medical plans for 2014 at

Town Hall meetings are being scheduled at all the campuses. Find the closest one to you at Two meetings are scheduled at UC Davis, one on the Davis campus and the other on the Sacramento campus. The Sacramento meeting will be streamed live on the Web, for anyone to watch. The Web link is below.

In addition to the campus town halls, ANR will soon announce its own webinar.

Open enrollment brochures are due to go in the mail in mid-October, and open enrollment is scheduled from Oct. 28 to Nov. 26 (two days before Thanksgiving).

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This announcement is also posted and archived on the ANR Update pages.

Posted on Wednesday, October 9, 2013 at 12:18 PM

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