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ANR news blog

  • Untreatable fungus giving almond producers pause

    Added January 23, 2020
    A fallen almond tree that was weakened by Ganoderma fungus. (Photo: Bob Johnson)

    An airborne fungus from Europe, ganoderma adspersum, has been killing almond trees in the San Jaoquin Valley since it was discovered in the area five years ago, reported John Cox in the Bakersfield Californian. The fungus rots wood from the inside...

  • Non-native wild burros cause natural resource damage

    Added January 13, 2020
    A group of burros in Death Valley National Park. (Photo: National Park Service)

    The National Park Service has contracted with Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue to humanely remove 2,500 to 4,000 burros in Death Valley National Park, a particularly challenging effort because the Bureau of Land Management, which manages adjoining land,...

  • Turn food and garden waste into rich fertilizer with worms

    Added January 6, 2020
    A red wiggler worm moves through substrate during composting process. (Photo: Holger Casselmann, Wikimedia Commons)

    UC Master Gardeners in Stanislaus County presented an all-natural, sustainable solution to disposing garden and food waste during a session for the community on worm composting, reported John Holland in the Modesto Bee. All it takes is an 18-inch deep...

ANR Update

End of academic review period sparks conversations about streamlining paperwork
We are now just one week from of the end of the current review period for UC ANR academics. I know many of you have confirmed your intended salary advancement action for the review period. Whether you intend to seek a salary advancement action or prepare...

Dave Krause to leave UC ANR in October
It is with mixed emotions that I announce Dave Krause's departure from the Division October 11.  After nearly 14 years with UCANR, Dave has accepted a new role with Driscoll's Berries to help improve the technology in their research environment....

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