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ANR news blog

  • Protecting homes from wildfire in a time of climate change

    Added May 14, 2020
    Drone footage of the Camp Fire aftermath shows homes destroyed while green trees are unscathed.

    Many climate change projections point to impacts that will be felt 50 or 100 years from now. But there are indications the earth is already experiencing rising sea levels, intensifying storms, increasing wildfires and droughts, and warmer oceans and...

  • Seeds of hope: Gardening in grim times

    Added May 8, 2020
    Gardening is restorative, a way to be physically active and a way to take positive action during a crisis. (Photo: Evett Kilmartin)

    Across the United States, Americans are buying and growing plants as a pick-me-up during the COVID-19 crisis, reported Lisa Irizarry in Newsday. The paper focused its story on Long Island, N.Y., its area of local circulation, but turned to UC...

  • Drip irrigation continues to yield benefits

    Added May 7, 2020
    Early research results show that drip irrigation reduces downy mildew in organic spinach dramatically.

    Considered among the most important agricultural innovations in the world, drip irrigation has been researched for decades. UC Cooperative Extension weed management advisor Aliasghar Montazar has taken a close look at its application in organic...

ANR Update

Houston Wilson named Presidential Director for the Clif Bar Endowed Organic Agriculture Institute
Houston Wilson has been named the Presidential Director for the University of California's Organic Agriculture Institute, which was established in January 2020 with a $500,000 endowment by Clif Bar and a matching $500,000 endowment from UC President...

UC ANR COVID-19 Update: Safety standards for resuming in-person activity, work approval letters
Safety standards for resuming in-person activity  Beginning in March, UC ANR implemented remote work protocols to protect the health and safety of our employees, volunteers, program participants and our communities in response to the COVID-19...

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