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Performance Management

The Performance Process

The Performance Cycle is a comprehensive approach to staff supervision/coaching. Each of the following steps is vital to the overall success of both you as the supervisor/coach and your staff member(s)/team.

  1. Performance Planning: the creation of the position description and performance expectations/standards
  2. Performance Management: counseling and coaching through out the performance period
  3. Performance Appraisal: preparing for and conducting the formal review.
  4. Reward Process: determining actual merit awards based on performance
  5. Performance Followup: And following up with a review of the position description and re-evaluation of performance expectations/standards for the upcoming year

This process applies to both teams (a group of staff members assigned to work on and complete a project) as well as the individual staff member. The same guidelines for assigning, ensuring understanding, and providing follow-up of projects should be used with both the team and the individual staff member.

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