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Performance Management

The Process

Performance management is an ongoing, collaborative process between managers and employees to build relationships, set expectations and goals, give and receive feedback and discuss professional development needs and career aspirations. The annual performance appraisal process provides an opportunity for: setting expectations and individual performance goals; giving and receiving feedback; engaging and developing employees; motivating, recognizing and rewarding employees; coaching for performance; and managing corrective action.


2024 Performance Evaluation

2024 Timeline

March 6:

Employee Webinar (for Career and Contract Staff non-supervisors) 1-2 pm
ANR ePerformance Employee Webinar Slides_2024

March 6-April 1:

Employee Completes ePerformance self-evaluation

March 20:

Supervisor Webinar (for Supervisors of Career and Contract Staff) 1-2 pm
ANR ePerformance Supv Webinar 2024

April 2–May 10:

*Supervisor meets with employee to clarify the self-evaluation
(not yet providing feedback - that happens later)
*Supervisor completes and submits their evaluation
*Second level reviewer approves

May 10:


May 11 - June 3:

Calibration committee reviews proposed ratings for consistency and confirms final ratings

June 3 - 14:

HR communicates outcome of calibration review to unit directors/ department heads

June 17 - 30:

Supervisors and employees meet, discuss, finalize and sign off


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