Natalia James Ott

Orchard Crops Advisor
Cooperative Extension Tehama County
1754 Walnut Street
Red Bluff, CA 96080
530 527-3101 Create VCard

Also in:
Butte County
Shasta County
Glenn County


I am a UCCE Orchard Systems Advisor for Tehama, Shasta, Glenn, and Butte Counties. My primary crop responsibilities are walnut, prune, almond, and olive, but I am happy to try and field questions about anything with chlorophyll. I am finishing up my PhD from the UC Davis Department of Plant Pathology, where I have done work assessing walnut and almond rootstocks for resistance to crown rot caused by Phytophthora. I have also been involved in testing whole orchard recycling in almonds and optimizing anaerobic soil disinfestation (ASD) as an alternative to fumigation when replanting almond orchards.


M.S. Marine Science, College of William and Mary. 2012
B.S. Biology, emphasis in Plant Biology, University of California, Davis. 2009


Plant Pathology


Walnuts, Prunes, Almonds, Olives

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Peer Reviewed

  • Khan, A. R.; Wicaksono, W. A.; Ott, N. J.; Poret-Peterson, A. T.; Browne, G. T. (2022). Random forest analysis reveals taxa predictive of Prunus replant disease in peach root microbiomes. Plos one. 17:10. October 13.
  • Khan, A. R.; Wicaksono, W. A.; Ott, N. J.; Poret-Peterson, A. T.; Browne, G. T. (2021). Characterization of soils conducive and non-conducive to Prunus replant disease. Plos one. 16:12. December 10.
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  • Browne, G. T.; Hasey, J. K.; Ott, N. J.; Forbes, H.; Arnold, K.; Milliron, L (2021). Flooding by California rivers results in walnut scion infections by species of Phytophthora. Plant Health Progress. 22:3, 368-373. February 17, 2021.
  • Browne, G. T.; Ott, N. J.; Forbes, H.; Yaghmour, M. A.; Milliron, L. K. (2020). First Report of Phytophthora chlamydospora Causing Crown and Root Rot on Almond in California. Plant Disease. 104:7, 2033-2033. May 5.
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