Environment & Natural Resources

Stewardship of California's natural resources — water, forests, rangelands —is core to our mission, so our landscapes are preserved for generations to come.

The natural beauty of California is more than just scenery. The spectacular views are also working landscapes that provide recreation for people, habitat for wildlife, pasture for grazing livestock, watershed to supply drinking water and fields for growing food and other critical ecosystem services.

We're working together to help protect California’s natural resources, including wildlife, forests, rangelands, air and water, for all to enjoy.


California has 57 million acres of rangeland. While the predominant use of California’s rangeland is grazing for livestock, rangelands also provide numerous ecosystem services beyond food production, including water and nutrient cycling, carbon storage, and wildlife and pollinator habitat. California’s rangelands are a biological hotspot providing habitat for hundreds of plant and animal species found nowhere else in the world. California rangelands have been threatened by invasive species, wildfire, concerns over water quality impacts and conversions of the land to other agricultural uses or development. UC ANR’s programs provide research and extension activities that help Californians manage and conserve rangeland resources.


Our experts in forest management and ecology bring significant resources to forest owners, managers, and communities so they can be good stewards of their natural resources. UC ANR works with stakeholders and communities to create resilience and provide the latest information on what to do before, during, and after a wildfire.

Special programs

Our internationally known California Institute for Water Resources brings together stakeholders to facilitate the best use of this precious resource.

Volunteers in the UC California Naturalist Program are citizen scientists and stewards at work in beloved habitats—harnessing mobile technology to increase the body of scientific knowledge, conduct environmental monitoring, engage in restoration plans, and help make science more accessible to the public. Volunteers receive rigorous training and each program is unique to the needs of the local area and community partner.

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