Innovation & Economic Development

We drive economic prosperity through innovation. We connect people, tools and data to equip communities to prepare for change.

UC ANR is cultivating innovation in agriculture and natural resources and connecting inventors and entrepreneurs in rural communities with resources to accelerate the process of commercializing a good idea.


New practices and technology can be applied to transform the food system–from managing crops in the field more efficiently to dealing with consumer food waste. To advance ideas to market, UC ANR is connecting innovators and inventors with small business development centers, community colleges, county Cooperative Extension offices, makers labs and incubators through the ViNE network. And UC ANR is committed to advancing broadband for all, so rural Californians have access to communications technology to advance their ideas.


Agitourism can connect urban Californians with the rural landscape and the source of their food. It can also provide an additional source of income for farmers. UC ANR works with farmers to guide them through the decision-making process to determine if agritourism is right for them.

The California Homemade Food Act (AB 1616) passed in 2012, and since that time UC ANR has worked with individuals to help them safely and successfully launch cottage food businesses to capitalize on this opportunity.

Helping creative Californians

UC ANR is also growing the next generation of California entrepreneurs and innovators through its ground-breaking work in 4-H STEM education. UC ANR’s programs help creative Californians connect the dots so everyone can benefit from advances in technology.

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