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We promote healthy people and communities; safe, nutritious and abundant food; and education to make every food choice and every food dollar count.

UC ANR promotes healthy people and communities; safe, nutritious, and abundant food; and our nutrition educators help Californians make every food choice and every food dollar count. Our educators also teach the importance of daily physical activity. Research shows these are the cornerstones of health. Yet, we face serious challenges: nearly one-third of children and two-thirds of adults are overweight or obese and most children do not consume enough fruits and vegetables.


UC ANR is working in partnership with communities, schools and health professionals to reverse these trends. Our focus on access to fresh fruits and vegetables helps local farmers, too.  Our work in helping people eat better and move more helps Californians stay healthy and build good habits for the future. This may reduce the incidence of chronic health conditions and help to reduce health care costs.

Nutrition education gets results

Every $1 invested in California's federally funded Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program results in a savings of $8.34 in health care costs. Graduates of our nutrition education programs report an average of $38.20 saved on their monthly food spending.

UC ANR has people and programs that can help you live your best and healthiest life. Join us on our mission of promoting healthy people and communities:

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