County-Wide Projects

County-Wide Projects are available to any Amador County 4-H Member in addition to any projects available at the club level. These projects have their own schedules and meeting dates and it's up to the member to keep informed of meetings. Participating in County-Wide Projects is a great way to interact with members from other clubs who have similar interests.

Beginning 4-H

Project Leader: Vera M. Bullard- Ph. 209-223-6484

Meets: 2nd Thursday at 6:00 p.m.
2018-2019 Program Year Project starting in October

Location: 11220-B Airport Road, Jackson CA 95642 

This project is designed to give first year members and their parents an overview of the entire 4-H Youth Development Program and how it works. Topics covered include: Projects, Record Books, Fair, and Achievement Awards.

2018-19 Program Year Outline


Project Leader: Vera M. Bullard- Ph. 209-223-6484

Meets: 1st Sunday at 3:30 p.m.
2018-2019 Program Year Project starting in October

Location: 11220-B Airport Road, Jackson CA 95642

The Poultry Project will teach members to identify different avian species and understand basic avian anatomy. They will learn how to properly house birds, the feed requirements of different poultry and to demonstrate basic handling techniques. Members will work on showmanship as well.

2017-18 Program Year Poultry Outline

Clothing-Textiles: Sewing Fundamentals

Project Leader: Kelsi Himmel- Ph. 209-223-6484

Meets: 1st Sunday at 4:45 p.m.
2018-2019 Program Year Project starting in November

LIMITED to 8 youth

Location: 11220-B Airport Road, Jackson CA 95642

The curriculum being used is STEAM Clothing level 1 produced by UNL extension. The goals of the project include learning basic elements of textiles in order for participants to feel comfortable creating their own projects. The costs if any will be minimal to the participants. Nothing needs to be owned to participate, however it would be helpful if the participants had their own equipment in order to become more comfortable. The overall goal would be lots of hands on experiences and fun with learning an extremely useful skill. Recommended ages 8-11 years old. 

2018-19 Program Year Sewing Fundamentals Outline


Equine-Horse (ages 9 & up)

Project Leaders: Julianne Nevin 

Meets: TBA

Location: Benny Brown Arena, Amador County Fairgrounds in Plymouth, CA  




Project Leader: Tonya Castorena -

Meets: TBA at 12 p.m.
2018-2019 Program Year Project starting in October


Location: Amador County Fairgrounds, Plymouth CA 95669

The purpose of this project is to teach youth how to do basic canning (water bath and pressure canning), meats (smoking, making jerky and sausage), dehydrating and freezing fruits and vegetables.
The course will be $30 per person for cost of food and materials necessary for class.


Shooting Sports - Rifle (ages 9 & up)

Project Leader: Robert Withrow -

Meets: Meets: Saturdays (April 7 Thru May 12) 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Location: Sacramento Valley Shooting Center, 15501 Meiss Rd, Sloughhouse, CA 95683   

The California 4-H shooting sports program provides instruction in the safe handling of firearms and archery equipment while developing self-confidence and leadership abilities in 4-H participants.  As a youth development education program, 4-H shooting sports uses the skills and disciplines of shooting to assist young people and their leaders in attaining knowledge and developing essential life skills.

Youth must be nine years old by December 31st of the program year to participate in this project. Acceptance into the project is upon approval of the project leader and the member's ability to follow instructions.

Shooting Sports-Rifle Schedule  


Veterinary Science

Project Leader: Raberta Head

Meets: 4th Monday 6:00 pm Starting in NOVEMBER

Location: 11220 B Airport Road, Jackson, CA 95642

The 4-H Veterinary Science project provides an excellent way for young people who care for animals and may want to follow a career in veterinary medicine, explore the topic. In this project, members will learn about animal health, behavior, and visit with veterinarians. They will also learn about different breeds and types of animals and they will discover the different types of disease that effect animal health. Members will also have a chance to explore the different jobs veterinarians do.


County-Wide Project Meetings
Event Name Date
County Poultry Group Project Meeting 7/7/2019
County Poultry Group Project Meeting 7/24/2019