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NEW - Virtual Tool Kit - State 4-H Office

As a result of COVID-19 and current shelter in place orders for California, 4-H chartered units, clubs and VMOs, are continuing to find alternative options to uphold their obligations as a chartered 4-H units in CA.

This document provides information for 4-H staff, volunteers and clubs to approach managing such 4-H unit obligations as navigating Bylaws for virtual meetings, handling business, conducting officer elections and additional monthly unit financial tasks.

Find information to help with virtual club & 
project meetings plus tips & tools.

Youth Resources

4-H Officer Resources

4-H Officer's Manual (2013)

Each office has specific tasks and obligations, and the 4-H Officer's Manual is a tool for navigating the terminology and requirements of holding a 4-H office.

See also 4-H Club Program Planning Guide.

4-H Choose Health Officers Guide

The Healthy Living officer will serve as the club’s ambassador for health! This guide provides information on how to incorporate physical activities and healthy eating into each club meeting.

Treasurer's Manual (2014)

Keeping the club/unit finances in order is an important job that falls to the office of the Treasurer. Everything the Treasurer needs to know is in this resource.

Find an individual list of the Treasurer's Manual forms on the CA4-H Youth Officers page.

Star Rankings

4-H members can earn star rankings as additional achievements.



The Cloverpedia is a resource designed to be a living document for individuals to learn more about common California State 4-H terms, events and programs. Along with an explanation of which each item is, there are also hyperlinks to online resources that will provide more detail.


Leader Resource Links

Leader Guides

Project Leaders' Digest (2007)

Project leaders are an integral part of 4-H's mission to educate and inspire the next generation. The Project Leader's Digest contains useful information about effective youth development strategies, youth-adult partnerships, and safety procedures.

Youth With Special Needs - Leaders Handbook (2013)

Disabled youth often have special needs, and this handbook provides the necessary tools and information to accommodate those needs. 4-H volunteers and leaders should become familiar with this resource when working with youth with disabilities.

Life Skills Wheel

A skill is a learned ability. Life Skills are those competencies that assist people in functioning well in the environments in which they live. 4-H focuses on developing skills within the five targeted competency areas that are healthy and productive for both youth and their communities. Because skills are best learned through practice, many experiences that teach or reinforce skills must be provided. Mastery of any skill requires opportunities to try, make mistakes, and try again.

Primary Member-Adult Volunteer Guide

Why are primary 4-H members so important to the 4-H Youth Development Program, and what special activities should be provided for them? The Adult Volunteer Guide answers these questions and more; it provides information on the 4-H Primary Member Program and how it should be used to encourage a child's educational development.

California 4-H Project Sheets

4-H project sheets are designed to help 4-H volunteers determine meaningful content and lead youth in hands-on activities. 4-H youth and their families may use these sheets to decide which project they might be interested in.


eXtension is a tool for leaders that provides a gateway to a variety of educational webinars presented by Cooperative Extension Service educators. A variety of leader training are available. eXtension also offers an extensive collection of educational articles created by experts at the country's top Land Grant Universities.  View that collection at eXtension Articles.

Other Resources