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Amador County Ambassador Team

A County Ambassador is the representative and champion of the 4-H program in the county. The goal of the county Ambassador program is to recognize the achievements of active 4-H members and to offer additional resources and opportunities for leadership, career and life planning.


  1. To help plan and serve as Master of Ceremonies at all Amador County 4-H events, and be willing to serve at county-wide functions i.e. club achievement nights etc.
  2. Be an active member of the County Ambassador Team and the Volunteer Management Board.
  3. Always try to set a good example in the general community.


  1. Applicant must be between 13 – 18 years old and meet the 4-H membership requirements for the length of the term of service.
  2. Applicant must have completed at least one year of membership in 4-H prior to the year of application. Membership does not have to be the most recent consecutive year.
  3. Applicant must have demonstrated leadership experience and skills. To ensure that the position of County Ambassador is open to 4-H members in all program delivery modes (community club, after-school club, SPIN club, summer camp, etc.), a member must document the following:
    1. Mastery of a project as demonstrated by at least 6 hours of instruction, documented by a statement of skills.
    2. 40 hours of significant leadership roles, either inside or outside of 4-H.
    3. 30 hours of citizenship and/or community service, either inside or outside of 4-H.
    4. 10 public speaking engagements, at least 2 of which must have been given at a 4-H event.
    5. Demonstrate involvement in 4-H as evidenced by a list of activities that are a combination of 15 of the following: project skill activities, 4-H events attended, and honors/recognition. Definitions for these three categories are found in the Record Book Manual under the section describing the Personal Development Report (PDR). Completing a PDR is not an application requirement for County Ambassador.

Application Deadline: 
May 1st of the Program Year

Amador County Ambassador Packet
Amador County Ambassador Application


  1. Submit an County Ambassador Application consisting of:
    1. Application Cover Sheet
    2. Essay Responses to questions on the Application.
    3. Resume highlighting leadership and citizenship skills, as well as personal and professional development.
    4. Written Evidence of Leadership Experience and Skills
    5. Letters of Recommendation (3):
      1. One letter from a 4-H youth member.
      2. Two letters from adults who have knowledge of the applicant’s leadership experience, skills and character. At least one of the letters must be from a 4-H adult who has knowledge of the applicant’s skills and character demonstrated in the 4-H Youth Development Program.
      3. Recommendations may not be from a parent/guardian, sibling or other family member residing in the same household as the applicant.
  2. Submit the County Ambassador Application to the Amador County 4-H YDP Office by 5 p.m., May 1 of the program year.
  3. Attend the County Ambassador Interview as scheduled.

Resource: County Ambassador Handbook