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Record Books

Record Keeping is a tremendously important aspect of the 4-H Program. Here you will find all the information you need to successfully complete your record book!

Record Books are due to your Club Leader at your August club meeting or by August 26th.

2018-2019 Record Book Forms

Personal Development Report (2018-2019) - For Junior, Intermediate, and Senior members.

Annual Project Report (2018-2019) - For Junior, Intermediate, and Senior members.

Leadership Development Report (2018-2019) - For Intermediate and Senior members only.

Resume Template (2018-2019) - For Senior Members only.

Amador Primary PDR 2018-2019


Record Book Covers

Record Book covers may be purchased at the County 4-H Office for $5.

They may also be purchased at:

4-H Mall

Leslie Carman 4-H Supplies

These companies are listed as a resource only and does not imply endorsement by the 4-H Youth Development Program.