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Contracting Out

Contracting Out

Effective February 15, 2020, due to Regents Policy 5402: Policy Generally Prohibiting Contracting for Services there shall be a general prohibition on contracting out for services and functions that can be performed by University staff. In keeping with the intent of the policy, we have made several changes to the procedures and guidelines for vendor services/contracting out.

The New Process: Vendor Services - Contracting Out Workflow rev 10.2020

Summary of Changes:

-  All requests for contracting out will route through Employee and Labor Relations prior to BOC/Purchasing.

-  All requests for contracting out must fall under specific and exigent circumstances.

-  Wage Parity – Suppliers will be required to pay employees working in our UC locations, UC wage and benefit parity (for those providing covered services).  E&LR will provide the appropriate rates by position type.

-  If you are hiring for Per Diem titles, please contact HR to discuss the wage parity requirements as the formula may vary from above.

-  If contracting out for covered services, AFSCME must be notified prior to entering into, extending or renewing a contract valued at $100,000 or more. This applies to all services that would fall into the AFSCME categories of services. Employee and Labor Relations will review and assist in the determination of whether a union notification is required. If a notification is required, the request for services can take up to 45 days longer for approvals, please plan accordingly.

-  Annual Reporting – UC locations will provide an annual report for all contracts for covered services, regardless of amount or duration.


Required Forms:

ANR Request for Contracting Out Services Form

Wage and Benefit Parity Appendix - Final - 02252020

Purchase Request Form

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