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Salary Administration

Wage salary administration is the application of a systematic approach to the problem of ensuring that employees are paid in a logical, equitable and fair manner.

To assure procedures and criteria for salary is consistent for all ANR employees located at Berkeley, Davis, and Riverside campuses, as well as ANR offices throughout California, ANR has developed internal procedures and guidelines for setting salary (regardless of fund source).

Human Resources will review and recommend salary placement for all new hires, reclassifications, and will work with you on any salary requests.

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Types of Compensation

Salary – Salary is determined separately for each employee based on a variety of factors including the employee’s title, the salary scale, their years of experience, equity concerns and whether the action is an initial classification, or reclassification of a current position.

Merits – Merits are determined system wide based on a variety of factors, including union contracts, UC budgetary concerns and in some cases performance of the employee.

Equity and Market Adjustment  Equity adjustments during the year will be reviewed when salary increases cause compression between supervisors and employees and for bona-fide retention requests. The rest of the equity reviews will happen automatically, without a request necessary, during the market adjustment plan cycle.

Stipends – Administrative Stipends are utilized to compensate employees when there is a significant increase in higher functions of an employee’s position description, on a temporary basis (a permanent increase would result in a reclassification). Stipends requests are reviewed by the SPU for appropriateness of duties, and equity.

Awards  Cash awards are intended to motivate individuals or teams to produce results that have been pre-defined and communicated to the participants in accordance with an incentive award plan.

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