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Making an Offer

After your selected candidate has been approved by Affirmative Action, your HR Analyst will begin working on a salary offer. For most positions, this salary offer will need to be approved by Senior Management before making the verbal offer.

Once the salary offer has been approved, your HR Analyst will contact you to make the verbal offer. After your candidate accepts your verbal offer, then you will need to notify your HR Analyst.

Please note, if the position requires fingerprinting, a background check, or any other type of condition of employment, then your candidate will need to clear the condition(s) of employment before being given a written offer letter. If your position does NOT require a condition(s) of employment, then your HR Analyst will instruct you to create an offer letter using one of the templates on this page. 

Visit the Conditions of Employment website to learn more about the various processes.

Offer Letter Templates

Offer letters are not to be used until all conditions of employment are met. To learn more about the various conditions of employment that might apply to your position, please visit our Conditions of Employment website. 

Career - Offer Letter Template

Limited - Offer Letter Template

Contract - Offer Letter Template

Limited (Camp) - Offer Letter Template

Per Diem - Offer Letter Template 

Please contact your Analyst if you have any questions about which offer letter is suited for your situation.

Making the Offer: Best Practices

  • Prepare the documentation you need prior to calling the candidate. This might include things like the contract, salary approval, offer letter, background check information, benefits information, hours of work, travel requirements, location.


  • Compile the information you need to negotiate the offer. Things that might interest a potential candidate: Benefits Package, Staff Development Opportunities, Bargained Salary Increases. Here is some language to help you: "Making the Offer" Script


  • Call the candidate and touch on the following points:
    • Introduce yourself
    • Remind the candidate of the position
    • Inform the candidate you would like to offer the position
    • Use positive tones to demonstrate your interest in the candidate joining the team
    • Explain the skills or qualifications the candidates possessed that most impressed you
    • Answer any questions
    • Offer to email the candidate any requested information
    • Discuss the salary offer, or schedule a follow-up call to further discuss the salary

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