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Frequently Asked Questions

A contingent worker is an affiliated employee with UCANR who has need to use the UCPath system or other downstream systems that require a unique ID.  This may be systems such as email or AggieTravel.  In any case, the affiliate is required to be entered into the UCPath system as a Contingent Worker with the appropriate review and approvals provided.  This is similar to the prior Affiliate Access process but is managed through the UCPath Center directly.

Contingent Worker types include:

Visiting Scholars, Affiliated Organization Employee (county employees), Contract Workers, Affiliated Research Institute, UC Board of Regents, UC Employee (different business unit), Student Volunteer, Research Fellow, Research Associate, Visiting Student-Res Undergraduate and Visiting Student Resident Graduate.

I’d like to obtain a email address for an affiliate employee, for example, a county employee. Am I required to complete a Contingent Worker form?

Yes, for these requests, an employee must be established as a continent worker in UC Path (previously a temporary affiliate form, TAF). Requestors should complete the CW form and submit it to HR via email to or via the Zendesk portal. Once the worker is processed in UC Path, HR notifies the IT department for set up of the individuals email account.  

A contingent worker is needed to replace any prior temporary affiliate form (TAF) that were completed in the past.  If unsure if one is already established, please contact

Why are you collecting home address and date of birth?

The home address field is required as we need to have a mechanism to contact any individual affiliated with the university.  Any affiliate utilizing UC systems is required to provide valid contact information similar to any employment/hiring process.  Date of birth is being collected to validate that the contingent worker is being provided a unique ID, ensuring that employee name is not the only field utilized otherwise duplicate or merged records will occur.  SSN is the only other field to verify a unique ID has been created and ANR has chosen not to utilize that as our mechanism, due to confidentiality concerns.  

Is the information being shared securely?

If the contingent worker enters their information on the form and directly loads the form into the BOX link provided, the data is secure.  Please do not upload the CWR to the Zendesk ticket or ask the employee to share their personal details through email.  The CWR form contains Personally Identifiable Information (PII) which should not be shared through these channels.

Why/When are the Patent and Oath documents required?

For more information on the Patent Agreement please see:


  1. Supervisor/Initiator completes appropriate Initiator section of Contingent Worker (CWR) form and sends it to the Director for approval. Academic Requests: Initiator sends to AHR manager for approval signature.
  2. Supervisor/Initiator then opens Zendesk ticket via the portal or submits an email to indicating a request for a Contingent Worker. Please be sure to document the Zendesk ticket # on the CWR form.
  3. Once approved by either the Director (approves for Staff) or Academic HR Manager (approves for Academics) the initiator/requestor sends the form to the Contingent Worker (CWR) to complete their portion along with the link to the secure box folder: NOTE: The link is also located at the top of the CWR Form (blue hyperlink title BOX Folder).
  4. The CWR completes their portion of the form and loads it directly into the secure box folder. The CWR DOES NOT send the form back to the supervisor/initiator as it contains Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
  5. HR Operations receives notification of the uploaded CWR form in the secure box folder. Reviews and validates the information is complete/correct then processes CWR in UCPath.
  6. The CWR request is reviewed and approved then sent to the UC Path Center for completion.
  7. UC Path Center reviews and processes Contingent Worker in UCPath.
  8. Upon UC Path Center approval, HR Operations responds to all appropriate parties via Zen Desk ticket (Initiator, Supervisor/Dept. Manager, etc.). The CWR is provided with instructions to set up computing account then contact the UC ANR IT Dept. to obtain a UC ANR email account.

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