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Layoff Planning


The Layoff/Reduction in Time process must be completed for any percentage reduction in time, or a layoff of a career position. A Layoff/Reduction in Time occurs within the layoff unit, is based on those in the same title code, and is determined by inverse order of seniority. Exceptions to the layoff order may be considered when a less senior employee possesses special skills, knowledge, or abilities that are critical to the operations of the department.  To identify the layoff unit affected, contact the ANR Staff Personnel Unit representative at

ANR's Layoff Procedures

Layoff Plan Template


Seniority Points

Layoff/Reduction in Time Seniority Calculations forms should be included in the layoff plan for every employee in a targeted classification (by title code) in the department (as specified by the Office of the President Organizational Definitions and Layoff Units).

How to Calculate Seniority Points

Seniority Points Calculation Form


Employee Resources

The following resources are available to help former employees transition to new jobs and help them re-orient themselves in the job market: Outplacement Resources and Employment Opportunities

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