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Open recruitment is required for all career positions. Positions must be posted for at least 10 working days. How to get started: 


Waivers of recruitment may be approved for limited term, per diem or contract positions. HR recommends openly recruiting for any position that will likely extend beyond 1 year and/or if there is any possibility of future career status.  How to get started: 

Submitting Your Request

When you're ready to submit your recruitment request, please go to our online HR Help Desk and open a ticket. In the message portion of your ticket, please explain your recruitment request and include the Position Number (or temporary number) from JDX Job Builder. You'll also need to complete the Position Management Form, Org Chart, and Waiver of Recruitment (if applicable) as documents to the ticket.

Once our office receives your request, we will assign it to one of our HR Analysts who will then contact you and assist you with the process.

Talent Acquisition Management System (TAM)

To get to TAM, please login to UCPath and then go to: Recruiting Workcenter> Employee Self Service> Browse Job Opening > Select Posting Title.

Additional Resources:

UC ANR TAM and Onboarding Training - For Hiring Managers


TAM Workflow

Accelerated Hires

In a hurry?  Departments have the opportunity to utilize pre-classified position descriptions and pre-approved interview questions.  This reduces overall timelines for both open and waived recruitments.

Getting Started:

Follow the Open Recruitment or Waiver of Recruitment process and:

  • Select from the following accelerated options: Pre-Classified Position Descriptions
  • Save 2-4 weeks in classification time
  • Save 1 week in preparing the job posting
  • Waiver of Recruitment + Acceleration saves 4-8 weeks of selection and interviewing

Rehiring After Turnover:

Less than 6 Months After Hire:  If the most recent hire was less than 6 months ago, no new forms are required, the position can be reposted by HR within 1 – 3 days.

More than 6 Months After the Hire:

New position management forms are required; however, the PD and job posting can be cloned. Changes to the PD or Posting will require additional processing time.


If you have any questions regarding any Human Resources related matter please do not hesitate to contact our e-service center at

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