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Getting Started

NEW! Hiring Manager Recruitment Checklists

SPR & Waiver of Recruitment

The very first step that you’ll take when requesting a recruitment, whether it's for a career, limited term, contract, per diem, or casual appointment, is to complete a Staff Position Request (SPR) form. As part of the SPR, you will need to get the required digital signatures located at the bottom of the form, which includes your Financial Control Point's signature. You’ll also need to update your Org Chart to identify your vacant position. 

If you have an identified candidate for your recruitment, then you’ll need to complete a Waiver of Recruitment form as well.

*For help with creating your secure Adobe Digital Signature, please refer to these instructions


Position Description 

You will also need to submit a Position Description (PD) to CATS for review and approval. Several positions have already been pre-classified to allow the Hiring Manager to accelerate the hiring process. You can find a list of approved pre-classified positions by viewing the Accelerated Hiring Titles Chart 3.12.19 .

You can find brief details on the duties and associated costs of our more popular positions by selecting the appropriate tab here:  ANR Typical Positions and Costs 2.2.18

If you need help with creating your position description, go to the Classification page or contact the HR Help Desk.


Submitting Your Request

When you're ready to submit your recruitment request, please go to our online HR Help Desk and open a ticket. In the message portion of your ticket, please explain your recruitment request and include the Class Log Number for the Position Description that you entered into CATS. You'll also need to attach your completed SPR, Org Chart, and Waiver of Recruitment (if applicable) as documents to the ticket.

Once our office receives your request, we will assign it to one of our HR Analysts who will then contact you and assist you with the process.


Accelerated Hires

To help accelerate the hiring process, HR has already pre-classified several positions. For a list of approved pre-classified positions, refer to the Accelerated Hiring Titles Chart 3.12.19 . The two ways to accelerate the hiring process are explained in detail below:


Pre-Classified Position Descriptions – Waiver of Recruitment (limited term, contract, per diem)

HR has pre-classified and pre-posted several regularly used positions in our recruitment system, CATS. This means you can skip quickly to having the qualified identified candidate apply to the position. Simply prepare an SPR and the Waiver of Recruitment forms and send the selected applicant the appropriate link. The HR analyst will review the documentation and the employee's qualification prior to completing a salary analysis.


Pre-Classified Position Descriptions – Open Recruitment (career, limited term, contract, per diem)

Multiple position descriptions have been pre-classified and are ready to be prepared for recruitment. This means you can copy the position description using the appropriate Library number listed on the Accelerated Hiring Titles Chart 3.12.19 , make minimal changes (such as location, supervisor, hours of work, etc.), and have the position description moved directly to recruitment. Simply prepare an SPR and submit to Human Resources the position’s Class Log Number in CATS (your recruiter will need the information in order to skip the classification process).

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