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New Hire Paperwork

New Hire Paperwork Packet

Download the New Hire Onboarding Checklist  and work with your employee to complete the new hire paperwork as soon as you receive approval from HR.

The paperwork listed in the New Hire Onboarding Checklist is required to be completed on or before the first day of employment, unless otherwise noted. Failure to do so on a timely basis can cause delays in employee pay, benefit eligibility, access to UC systems and other employment-related tasks.

Once the employment forms are completed and signed, please upload them to the New Hire Paperwork BOX Folder. Please combine and upload all hiring documents as one file, and include the employee's name in the file name.

New Hire Forms – see New Hire Onboarding Checklist  for more details and forms


Additional Forms (If Applicable):


Form I-9:

The employee can complete Section 1 of the online form as early as day the employee has accepted an offer of employment, but no later than the employee’s first day. Section 2 of the online form must be completed by the designated employer representative (usually the supervisor or hiring manager) within 3 business days of the employee’s date of hire. Both the employee and designated employer representative will receive an email from I-9 Tracker with instructions on how to access the online form.

Additional training for locations can be found at:  I-9 Tracker Training


Position Descriptions:

Locations are responsible for obtaining a copy of the new hire’s position description (PD) from Job Builder or CATS.

If you used Job Builder to create your position description, you can access the PD via the “My Position Descriptions” tab.

If you used CATS to create your position description, you can search for the classified PD using the Library # that your HR Analyst provided.

As a reminder, supervisors are expected to review and have the new hire sign their PD on their first day. Locations do NOT need to submit a copy of the signed PD to HR unless the new hire was an identified candidate.

If you have questions about position descriptions, please reach out to your HR Analyst.



Background Verification and Fingerprinting

Background Investigation Manual - Risk Management


Employee Collective Bargaining and Probationary Period Information

Collective Bargaining Contracts

Probation Report Instructions & Summary

Employee Probationary Report Form


Benefits Information

Benefits Eligibility

Systemwide Benefits Information

New Employee Benefits Orientation  

Workers' Compensation - English

Workers' Compensation - Spanish

Workers' Compensation Notification - Pharmacy Benefit Network (English/Spanish)

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