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ANR Staff Personnel

Service Awards

Employee Service Credit / Award Procedure

Employment service credit is used to determine service time for vacation accrual rates and eligibility for service awards. Staff members are eligible for service awards after completing at least 10 years of service. In addition to receiving a service award, employees are given a higher accrual rate for vacation after 10, 15 and 20 years of service. MSP employees start at 5 years of service.

  • A service credit report is available and referenced after the 10th of each month. The report is reviewed by the service award coordinator to confirm the eligibility of employee service mile stones.
  • Monthly spreadsheets are created from information generated in the report.
  • The spreadsheet information is utilized to create service certificates. Certificates are then forwarded for official signature.
  • A spreadsheet is sent to the BOC as a reference for updating leave codes (if applicable).
  • Certificates are signed by the ANR Vice President and returned to the coordinator for distribution (accompanied by the applicable service pin).

Retirement Gifts

Each unit (it is at the discretion of the unit manager) can purchase a gift card of $100 for every 10 years of service up to $400 as per UC policy. If you would like to order a gift card, please complete the Check/Reimbursement request form on the BOC website.

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