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ATTRA meat themed podcasts. Highly recommend: COVID-19 Impact on Local Livestock Producers with Rebecca Thistlewaite, Director of NMPAN. Learn about fantastic resources available to NMPAN members.

Future of Agriculture meat themed podcasts.

Grassfed Life archives contain over 80 episodes cover everything from farm start-up to sales and marketing.

Meat: the Ultimate Podcast about those who grow it, those who cut it, those who cook it, those who advocate it and even those who are against it. 

MeatsPad meat specialists and professionals talk about numerous topics in meat science, including animal welfare, meat production, meat quality, food safety, and much more. Episodes also available in Spanish.

The Meat Block by a small scale intensive farmer that butchers for his customers and is a chef.

Processing Information

NOTE:  ANY meat processing done on the farm in Sonoma County requires a Use Permit.  Please contact the Agriculture Ombudsman to discuss.

Organizations and Publications

  • Niche Meat Processor Assistance Network a Cooperative Extension community of practice that works on a national and sometimes international level providing technical assistance to niche meat processors, meat producers, and the wider niche meat value chain. Subscribe to their Google Group.
  • North American Meat Institute a national trade association that represents companies that process 95 percent of red meat and 70 percent of turkey products in the US and their suppliers throughout America.
  • Publications by USDA FSIS.
  • The New Livestock Farmer including information on cattle, pigs, poultry, sheep, and goats, and exotics like bison, rabbits, elk, and deer. From backyard hobbyist to a large-scale rancher about raising and selling ethically produced meats. by Rebecca Thistlethwaite and Jim Dunlop
  • Farmers Legal Action Group a nonprofit law center dedicated to providing legal services and support to family farmers and their communities.

Meat Food Safety and HACCP

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Pricing Cuts of Meat

Cooperative Extension at Cornell University created the Cornell Price & Yield Calculator that will help you price meat for a profit. This is for beef, lamb, pork and goats.

USDA Meat & Poultry Harvest & Processing Facilities:

Meat - USDA harvest

Poultry - no local USDA harvest options at this time.

  • Grimaud Farms, Stockton - USDA poultry, large minimums, this plant is mostly for their own product, but they make it available to outside producers one day a week, pick up day later.
  • New American Poultry, Stockton- USDA harvest, 200 bird minimum, contact: 209-466-3200
  • Sierra Nevada Poultry - Sacramento, USDA harvest
  • Sonoma County Meat Company, Santa Rosa - cut & wrap, custom exempt and USDA meat processing (no poultry or ducks)
    USDA value add available: sausage, smoked.
  • Squab Producers, Modesto - USDA poultry.
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Please visit On-farm Poultry Processing with USDA Exemption for details specific to poultry processing.

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