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The purpose of the University of California Cooperate Extension Master Food Preserver (MFP) program is to provide up-to-date information on food safety and preservation.  A Master Food Preserver is a volunteer who is formally educated in food preservation/food safety and is certified by a university cooperative extension. Volunteers are qualified to teach food preservation/food safety in addition to disseminating that information via lectures, talks and other county events. 

Volunteer availability varies; please email us to see if we can accommodate your request.  

Scheduling speakers requires a minimum of 60 days notice from the date of the presentation. 

Master Food Preservers do not charge for their services.  Organizations that would like to make a donation, please go to our website home page and click on: UCCE: Make a Gift.  

Your gift furthers our mission to develop and extend research-based information that promotes food safety and food preservation.

Use the form below to make a request for a speaker: 

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