Delegations of Authority


Delegation of authority letters (DAs) record significant decision-making authority within UC. They are intended to provide clear statements of action that may be taken, as well as responsibilities assigned to the delegatee(s). The majority of DA letters originate with a letter from the UC President to the ANR Vice President. In turn, the ANR Vice President may re-delegate certain authorities to ANR personnel. Others delegate policy authority that has been vested in the ANR Vice President or other members of ANR Senior Leadership.

Useful Links

Delegations of Authority Matrix (Presidential, Policy, Capital Matters details, Gift details, Rescinded and Additional Notes, DAs not for ANR VP)

Current Letters of Delegations Presidential and Policy (Click "Delegations of Authority")

Presidential Delegation of Authority Letters (A complete list from the UC Office of the President.)


Rachel Lloyd
Title: Project Policy Analyst
Phone: (530) 750-1348
Robin Sanchez J.D.
Title: Director, Policies, Compliance and Programmatic Agreements
Phone: (530) 750-1235