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Lime Tuff Dwarf Mat Rush

Lomandra longifolia 'Lomlon'

Lomandra ‘Lime Tuff’ in the shade in September 2015. Photo: SK Reid.
Lomandra ‘Lime Tuff’ in the shade in September 2015. Photo: SK Reid.


We will note here that this plant’s genetics are controversial, and it is currently marketed under both the names ‘Lime Tough’ and ‘Lime Tuff’.  We previously evaluated this cultivar in full sun when it was being marketed under the name ‘Bushland Green’, and it received high marks, especially on the lowest irrigation level.  The American patent holder wanted to see how it would perform in shade as well. The most notable difference was that the form became less stiffly upright and more relaxed and fountain-form in the shade, while the color was also a somewhat deeper lime green.  The plants consistently received high overall ratings scores on all treatments, with the lowest irrigation level once again scoring marginally highest (Table 15).  No significant differences in size between treatments were found.  The ability to thrive in sun or shade on any irrigation level makes this Lomandra one of the most adaptable plants to the landscape that we have evaluated.

Basic Info

Submitted by: Ball Ornamentals
Trial Exposure: 50% Shade
Year evaluated: 2015
Height & Width
(after 2 years):
N/A - UC Davis
Reported Height & Width
(at maturity):
2-3' x 2-3'
WUCOLS plant type: P
Water Needs & WUCOLS Region:
Low - Region 2 
Mean Overall 
Appearance rating:
(1-5 Scale, 5 is highest)
4.5 - UC Davis 
Flowering Months
April-October - UC Davis

Growth and Quality Data

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