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Logging in

  1. Go to http://anr.expressacademic.org/login.php.

  2. Start by using the password and login name you were assigned when becoming an associate editor. Complete your contact information. 

  3. Enter your user ID and your password as described above, and login. You’ll arrive at the “Associate/Guest Editor tasks” page, which is your default first page.

  4. Click on the “User preferences” tab if you want to change your password and user name. Please note that the system is case sensitive and it also requires passwords be 4 characters or more with no spaces. You can change your user name as well, with no limitations

  5. To do this, scroll to the bottom and click “Change information.” This presents you with the fields to update. Please do not change your “reviewer topic,” which pertains to your subject area and is important when new manuscripts are submitted into the review system. Do not change the other options below the Review topic either; these have been set for Associate Editors.