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One of the three recommendations reviewers (and ultimately, you) can make to authors is “Declined, but recommend to rework and resubmit.” In general, ANR’s philosophy is to encourage its authors to share their expertise with clientele, not to build our rejection percentage.

When your reviewers and you select this decision option, the “Decline but resubmit” email template reads:

Dear {Author Name},
Thank you for the opportunity to review your submission {Title} {ID#}. I regret to inform you that the reviews did not accept the manuscript in its current form. I would welcome a revised draft that fully addresses the concerns and suggestions of the reviewers, which I have listed below. If you are willing to revise your manuscript in response to these comments, please let me know and resubmit your revised manuscript your earliest convenience.
In addition, when you resubmit your revised manuscript, please explain how you responded to each reviewer suggestion please explain how you responded to each reviewer suggestions. If you disagree with any of the suggestions, I need to know why. We can discuss this or you may simply explain in your letter.
If extenuating circumstances will prevent you from completing this within three months, please notify me. After three months, the manuscript will be considered withdrawn.
Best regards,
{AE Name},
{SystemName} Associate Editor

  1. Note that the email template says “I would welcome a revised draft that fully addresses the concerns and suggestions of the reviewers, which I have listed below.” And remember that, as with all decision emails, the review questions answered by reviewers are attached below this, although you have the option to delete these.

  2. Decide on how you want to discuss the major review problems, how they should be corrected and changed or what new information added in order to make the manuscript acceptable. The more specific advice and encouragement you can provide the author, the more likely it will be that they revise the manuscript and resubmit it.

  3. Click “Preview resubmission letter” and then “Make changes” to access the template and edit it to suit you.

  4. Hit “Preview resubmission letter” again, and if you’re happy with it, hit “Send resubmission letter”

  5. When authors revise their manuscript and send it back, they will “resubmission” as type of submission. Editors and Associate Editor are emailed by the system:
    A new {SubmissionType} has been submitted. This is a revision of {PreviousSubmissionID}.
    Submission date: { }
    Submission ID: { }
    Corresponding Author: { Author Name}
    Title: {Title}

  6. Once you receive this notice and login to the submission via its submission ID#, you’ll be able to see all the related documents and emails from the first review as well as the author’s newly submitted revised manuscript and explanatory email.

  7. Ideally, you can now accept the submission and consider peer review complete. In doing so, remember to edit the “Accept contingent upon revision” letter to delete any references to reviewer comments! See my example below:

Dear {Author},
Your manuscript {Title} {ID#} has been accepted by ANR peer review process

Attached to this email is blank MF-21 Submittal Form [http://anr.expressacademic.org/actions/surveyMF21.php]. Please complete the MF-21 Submittal Form as far as your electronic signature and return this as well.
I will electronically sign the MF-21 Submittal Form to indicate to Communication Services that your manuscript has passed peer review and is approved for publication production. Please note—production on your publication will not begin without this signed MF-21.

Your last step is preparing your final manuscript and all accompanying charts, graphs, illustrations and photographs for production at Communication Services. Please refer to the CS Submission Instructions [http://ucanr.org/submission instructions] for details. Specific questions about manuscript format or publication production should be addressed to Steve Barnett, CS project manager, swbarnett@ucdavis.edu or 530-754-3929.

Congratulations on your successful submission!
Best regards,
{from AE Name},

Note: We are not thrilled at the amount of editing you have to do to the template to accommodate this situation of Accept after Resubmit. I will be working with system support to see how we can create this letter as a template, without editing needed.