ANR Peer Review and Publication Production
University of California
ANR Peer Review and Publication Production

Peer review of Spanish manuscripts

The ANR peer review process can ensure that material written for California’s Spanish-speaking audiences is accurate, relevant and high-quality. Just as with English-language publications, the peer review and production of Spanish publications is supported by ANR; there is no cost for ANR academics who wish to publish an ANR peer-reviewed publication in Spanish.

Nonetheless, the peer review of a Spanish manuscript is a complex endeavor, necessitating an assessment of the author’s Spanish-language expertise as well as the material’s scientific content. To facilitate this process, before authors of Spanish manuscripts submit a manuscript for peer review they will be asked first to

  • provide information about their intended audience, and 
  • provide a 5-6 page representative sample of the full manuscript.

All of this is done within the Manuscript FastTrack ANR peer review system, just as when submitting a English-language manuscript for review.

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