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Contracts & Grants: Reviewing the Award Terms and Conditions

Review Award Terms and Conditions

All research agreements at UC ANR are reviewed, negotiated, and accepted on behalf of Regents by the Office of Contracts and Grants. This includes grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements. We also handle other types of research and public service agreements such as field trials, material transfer agreements and confidentiality agreements.

This is necessary to ensure that all research and other extramurally funded projects conducted by university employees, or with the use of university resources or facilities, are approved by the appropriate university contract and grant office and comply with relevant university policies and guidelines, including but not limited to those governing:

  • integrity in research;
  • appropriateness of the activity to the University;
  • protection of human and animal subjects and the environment;
  • use of University facilities;
  • adherence to personnel policies;
  • compensation plans;
  • intellectual property;
  • conflicts of interest;
  • recovery of full costs, direct and indirect (F&A); and
  • liability insurance and indemnification.


Third Party Liability

Pursuant to the Regents Standing Order 100.4, the University is only able to assume responsibility in proportion to our own negligent acts or omissions. Therefore we would not be able to accept a sponsored agreement which includes the University taking responsibility, in whole or in part, for the actions of a third party.  Any deviations to this policy would require approval from the Board of Regents.


Principles Regarding Rights to Future Research Results In University Agreements with External Parties

This policy delineates University principles for decisions regarding rights and obligations associated with research results arising from UC's research relationships with external parties. Please click on the link below for the full text and more information regarding these principles.


  1. Open Dissemination of Research Results and Information Agreements with external parties shall not abridge the ability of University researchers to disseminate their research methods and results in a timely manner. The most fundamental tenet of the University is the freedom to interpret and publish or otherwise disseminate research results in order to support the transfer of knowledge to others and maintain an open academic environment that fosters intellectual creativity.
  2. Commitment to Students Agreements for research relationship with external parties shall respect the University's primary commitment to the education of its students.
  3. Accessibility for Research Purposes Agreements with external parties shall ensure the ability of University researchers to utilize the results of their research to perform future research.
  4. Public Benefit Agreements with external parties shall support the ability of the University to make available for the public benefit in a diligent and timely manner any resulting innovations and works of authorship.
  5. Informed Participation.  All individuals involved in research governed by a University agreement with an external party shall have the right and responsibility to understand the rights and obligations related to future research results embodied within the agreement.
  6. Legal Integrity and Consistency Commitments concerning future research results made in agreements with external parties shall be consistent with all applicable laws and regulations and the University's contractual obligations to others.
  7. Fair Consideration for University Research Results Agreements with external parties shall provide fair consideration to the University and the general public for granting commercial access to future University research results.
  8. Objective Decision-Making when establishing or conducting University relationships with external parties, decisions made about right to future research results shall be based upon legitimate institutional academic and business considerations and not upon matters related to the personal financial gain of any individual.


Sample Agreements


UC Office of Technology Transfer


Publishing Agreements

When you are ready to publish your scholarly works, the publishing agreement can be signed directly by the PI/author and does not require signature by OCG. OCG is available to review the publishing agreement to ensure compliance with any applicable terms and conditions which may be applicable if the scholarly work is the result of a sponsored project. OCG can also answer any questions the PI may have regarding the terms of the publishing agreement. However, we recommend that you consult with independent council prior to entering into any publishing agreements. Please also see the UC Copyright Education Website and the UC's Office of Scholarly Communication for more information.

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