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European Pear

Summary The European Pear Workgroup continues to focus more on horticulture, particularly new varieties, rootstocks, and planting systems to accommodate labor efficient orchard operations using orchard platforms and other means. There is also new information being developed on using oil to mitigate the effects of poor chilling and increase fruit size and quality. This occurs coincidently with the loss of the Extension Specialist covering pears and downsizing of applied horticulturists at the campus level. County-based advisors are increasingly working with Pacific Northwest colleagues with similar interests and goals. A productive relationship with the Agricultural Ergonomics Research Center has also been established to study platform machines. Pest management activities continue to focus on alternatives to broad-spectrum pesticides, e.g. organic codling moth (CM) control, development of a new bactericide, i.e., kasugamycin, for fire blight management, secondary pests in mating disruption programs etc. Resistance to streptomycin is widespread and terramycin resistance has been recently described in the state for the first time worldwide. Resistance to scab fungicides is also of major concern to growers.Statewide surveys have been initiated in the last two years. A major accomplishment is the release (in spring 2007) of the new Pear Production and Handling Manual.
Workgroup Chair Information
Name Rachel Elkins (Chair)
Phone (707) 263-6838
Unit: Lake County
Location: UC Cooperative Extension
883 Lakeport Boulevard
Lakeport, 95453
Membership List
Haug, Megan
AES Scientist
Adaskaveg, James Plant Pathology
  Professor and Plant Pathologist Mycology, plant pathology, ecology and epidimiology of fungi
Brown, Patrick Department of Plant Sciences
  Pomologist-AES   Professor of Plant Nutrition Plant mineral nutrition; root soil interaction; rhizosphere dynamics and genetic aspects of plant nutrition; function of boron in plants; sustainable agriculture
Brummer, Charles
  Director, Plant Breeding Center Plant Breeding Alfalfa Tall Fescue Forages Wild Rice Spinach Sustainable Agriculture Organic Agriculture
DeJong, Theodore Department of Plant Sciences
  Emeritus Professor   CE Pomologist-AES   Plant Physiologist-AES Environmental physiology; tree crop physiology; carbon partitioning and crop modeling; pomology; physiology and management of fruit tree crops; peach rootstock development and physiology; dried plum breeding
Delwiche, Michael Biological & Agricultural Engineering
  Professor Electronic instrumentation and sensor development in biological systems; biosensors; postharvest engineering; digital signal and image processing; computer control; biological control of insect pests.
Duraj, Victor
Fathallah, Fadi Biological & Agricultural Engineering
  Professor Occupational biomechanics and ergonomics with special emphasis on agricultural environments
Leslie, Chuck
Lindow, Steven Dean's Office CNR
  Professor and Executive Associate Dean, CNR Molecular and ecological studies of plant-associated bacteria
Michailides, Themis Kearney Agricultural Research & Extension Center
  Plant Pathologist and Lecturer Ecology, epidemiology and control of fungal diseases of fruit and nut crops and vines, postharvest diseases, aflatoxin and mycotoxins of nut crops and figs.
Millar, Jocelyn Entomology (UCR)
  Entomologist   Professor Insect behavior; identification, synthesis, and testing of insect kairomones and pheromones; insect acoustic signaling
Mills, Nicholas Environmental Science, Policy and Management (ESPM)
  Professor Entomologist-AES Biological control of insect pests, ecology and insect parasitoids, tree fruit pests
Montanari, Sara
  Pear genetics and breeding
Neale, David Department of Plant Sciences
Rizzo, David Plant Pathology - CAES
  Department Chair and Professor Mycology; fungal diseases of woody plants, fungal ecology; forest pathology
Shackel, Kenneth Department of Plant Sciences
  Professor /Pomologist-AES The impact of tree and vine water status on productivity and the water relations and physiological activity of fruit
Slaughter, David Biological & Agricultural Engineering
  Professor Instrumentation and postharvest engineering for biological materials; packaging, handling, storage and transportation of agricultural commodities; nondestructive measurement of quality and composition of biological materials; robotics, control and vision systems
Sumner, Daniel Agricultural Issues Center
  Director, UC Agricultural Issues Center and Frank Buck Jr. Chair Professor National and International Agricultural Policy
Upadhyahya, Shrini UC Davis Dept. Bio and Ag Engineering
  Professor precision agriculture, machinery design
Volder, Astrid Department of Plant Sciences
  Assocate Professor Root biology, whole plant physiology, climate change
Vougioukas, Stavros Biological & Agricultural Engineering
  Assistant Professor Mechanization and Automation
CE Advisor
Caprile - Emeritus, Janet Contra Costa County
  Farm Advisor Commercial fruit, nut, vine, vegetable, field, specialty crops
Elkins, Rachel Lake County
  County Director -Lake County, Pomology Farm Advisor in Lake and Mendocino Counties and Master Gardener Advisor in Lake County
Greer, Christopher Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Statewide Program
  Area Cooperative Extension Advisor - Integrated Pest Management Integrated Pest Management of Agricultural Crops
Ingels, Chuck Capitol Corridor MCP Cooperative Extension
  Farm Advisor Tree crops, grapes, environmental horticulture, and Master Gardeners/urban horticulture. Areas of research and extension focus include IPM, evaluation of sustainable products and practices, water conservation and deficit irrigation, home orchards and vineyards, sustainable landscaping, alternative turfgrass species, and tree training, pruning, and grafting.
Jarvis-Shean, Katherine Capitol Corridor MCP Cooperative Extension
  Orchard Systems Advisor
Roncoroni, John Napa County
  Weed Science Farm Advisor Weed Control and Vegetation Management in Perennial Crops, Covercrops and Aquatic Weed Control
Varela, Lucia Sonoma County
  North Coast IPM Advisor Apples, pears, wine grapes, pest management
CE Specialist
Crisosto, Carlos Kearney Agricultural Research & Extension Center
  CE Postharvest Physiologist Extension and research on postharvest biology and technology of fruits; fruit quality and deterioration and handling systems
Donis-Gonzalez, Irwin Biological & Agricultural Engineering
  Assistant Postharvest Engineering Specialist in Cooperative Extension
Gubler, Walter Plant Pathology - CAES
  Extension Plant Pathologist Trees, vines, small fruits
Hanson, Brad Department of Plant Sciences
  CE Weed Specialist
Lampinen, Bruce Department of Plant Sciences
  Integrated Orchard Management Walnut and Almond Specialist Integrated Orchard Management with an emphasis on walnuts and almonds
Mitcham, Elizabeth Department of Plant Sciences
  CE & AES Postharvest Pomologist Postharvest physiology and technology of fruit and nut crops; emphasis on maintaining flavor quality after harvest, enhancing consumption of produce, and reducing food loss. Also studying regulation of fruit ripening and mechanisms underlying calcium deficiency disorders in fruit.
(info only) Suslow, Trevor Department of Plant Sciences
  Extension Research Specialist Preharvest to Postharvest Microbial food safety systems,postharvest transportation, Postharvest pathology
VanSteenwyk, Robert Environmental Science, Policy and Management (ESPM)
  CE Entomologist Deciduous fruits, nuts and vines
Other ANR
Biasi, Bill Department of Plant Sciences
  Staff Research Associate Postharvest Fruits & Nuts
Farrar, Jim Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Statewide Program
  Director, Statewide IPM Program IPM, integrated pest management, plant pathology, vegetable diseases, fungi
(info only) Frost, William Central Sierra Cooperative Extension
  CE Advisor, Emeritus
Martin, Tunyalee Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Statewide Program
  Associate Director for Communications Leads UC IPM communications, manages IPM publication projects, and supervises editorial and technical staff developing and producing IPM outreach materials for Web and print.
Bassil, Nahla
Baumgartner, Kendra Plant Pathology - CAES
  USDA-ARS research plant pathologist grapevine diseases
Bell, Richard
  Research Horticulturist Pear breeding and genetics
Beumel, Cliff
Browne, Greg Plant Pathology - CAES
  USDA Research Plant Pathologist Soil-borne diseases of fruit and nut trees and other horticultural crops
Callis, John
Fleck, Chuck
  R&D and Product Development
Kluepfel, Daniel Plant Pathology - CAES
Knight, Alan
  Research Entomologist
Light, Doug
McCaa, Pat
McClain, Bob
  Research Coordinator, California Pear Advisory Board
(info only) Moore, Denise
Moro, Jennifer Fowler Nurseries
  Research and Product Development Director propagation, evaluation, horticulture
Norelli, Jay USDA-ARS-AFRS
  Research Plant Pathologist disease resistance, management
Ohmart, Cliff
Postman, Joseph
Reed, Barbara Dept. Horticulture
  Researcher plant propagation
Seybold, Steven
Wada, Sugae Dept. Horticulture
  Researcher plant propagation
Zanobini, Chris
Membership Totals
Number of Members64
ANR Members43
Info Only3
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