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Small Farm

Summary Research and extension addressing issues in production, marketing, regulatory compliance, and access to resources for small-scale, diversified, and limited-resource farmers in California.
Workgroup Chair Information
Name Aparna Gazula (Co-Chair)
Phone 408-282-3127
Unit: Santa Clara County
Name Margaret Lloyd (Co-Chair)
Phone 530-564-8642
Unit: Capitol Corridor MCP Cooperative Extension
Membership List
AES Scientist
(info only) Altieri, Miguel Environmental Science, Policy and Management (ESPM)
  Entomologist   Professor Agroecology, development of alternative agricultural systems and technology, biological pest control. Mail to: 129 Giannini Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720-3112.
Reid, Michael Department of Plant Sciences
  Cooperative Extension Specialist Postharvest biology and technology of ornamentals, cut flowers, flowering plants, foliage plants. Physiology of flowering and flowering control, chilling injury, mode of action of ethylene and inhibition of ethylene responses.
CE Advisor
Aguiar, Jose Riverside County, Indio Office
  Farm Advisor Vegetable crops and small farms
Aram, Kamyar Contra Costa County
  East Bay Specialty Crops Advisor
Bender, Gary San Diego North County Office
  Farm Advisor-Emeritus Subtropical horticulture, deciduous fruit trees, irrigation, water quality, pest management, root rot and pathology of avocados and citrus, avocado canopy management
Bolda, Mark Santa Cruz County
  County Director, Santa Cruz County and Farm Advisor, Strawberries & Caneberries Strawberry and caneberry culture - horticulture, fertility, pest management practices, closed environment agriculture
Brittan, Kent Sacramento County
  Emeritus Farm Advisor for Field Crops Small grains, corn and biofuel crops
Cahn, Michael Monterey County
  Farm Advisor, Irrigation and Water Resources Irrigation & Water Resources
Canevari, Mick San Joaquin County
  Farm Advisor, Emeritus Weed Control
Caprile - Emeritus, Janet Contra Costa County
  Farm Advisor Commercial fruit, nut, vine, vegetable, field, specialty crops
Dahlquist-Willard, Ruth Fresno County
  Small Farms Advisor
de la Fuente, Maria Monterey County
  County Director Monterey - Farm & Master Gardener Advisor Monterey & Santa Cruz Counties Mushrooms, compost, specialty vegetables, nursery crops, plant pathology and soil microbiology. Urban Horticulture and Master Composter Program UCCE Santa Clara.
Diekmann, Lucy Santa Clara County
  Urban Agriculture/Food Systems Advisor, Santa Clara & San Mateo Counties
Doan, Hung Riverside County
  Small Farms and Specialty Crops Advisor Vegetable Production, Nutrient Management, Small Farms, Vegetable and field crop pathology,Fruit and tree nuts pathology
Elkins, Rachel Lake County
  Pomology Farm Advisor in Lake and Mendocino Counties and Master Gardener Advisor in Lake County - Emeritus
Faber, Ben Ventura County
  Advisor Soils and water, avocados and minor subtropicals in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.
Fake, Cindy Placer-Nevada Counties
  Horticulture and Small Farms Advisor, Placer and Nevada Counties Commercial Horticultural Production
Gaskell, Mark San Luis Obispo County
  Emeritus - Farm Advisor Specialty crops, small fruit crops, vegetables, sustainable agriculture, small farms in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties.
Gazula, Aparna Santa Clara County
  Small Farm Advisor Vegetable Production, Nutrient Management, Small Farms
George, Holly Plumas Sierra
  Livestock & Natural Resource- Emeritus Livestock, Multiple Use of Natural Resources & Community Development
Harper, John Mendocino County
  County Director Mendocino & Lake/Livestock & Natural Resources Advisor Sheep & goat production, range cattle production, rangeland, watershed, water quality, computer applications.
(info only) Hartin, Janet San Bernardino County
  Area Environmental Horticulture Advisor Environmental horticulture, arboriculture, irrigation needs of landscape plants
Ingram, Roger Placer-Nevada Counties
  Livestock and Natural Resources Advisor, Emeritus Grazing management, fencing, nutrition, economics, livestock, range, land use, low-stress livestock handling, California Grazing Academy
Jimenez, Manuel Tulare County
  Farm Advisor, Emeritus Small farms, vegetable crops, integrated pest management
Lloyd, Margaret Capitol Corridor MCP Cooperative Extension
  Small Farms Advisor Organic
Lobo, Ramiro San Diego County
  Small Farms & Agricultural Economics Advisor Farm management, marketing, agricultural economics, agricultural tourism, small farms, new/specialty crops
Marcum, Daniel Shasta-Lassen Office
  Farm Advisor - Emeritus Irrigation, plant nutrition, salinity, entomology, sustainable agriculture, agronomy, vegetable crops, engineering, plant pathology, integrated pest management, systems management, economics, weed control, nematology, strawberry nursery production, garlic, wild rice, alfalfa, timothy, sugarbeet, pasture, range, biodiversity, peppermint, viticulture
McGourty, Glenn Mendocino County
  Viticulture & Plant Science Advisor - Emeritus Plant science--all horticultural crops including wine grapes, vegetables; viticulture; nursery and floriculture (ornamentals); landscape; also sustainable agriculture and weed science
Mickler, Jan Stanislaus County
  Farm Advisor Vegetable Crops
Miyao, Gene Capitol Corridor MCP Cooperative Extension
  Emeritus Farm Advisor, Vegetable Crops Processing tomato production.
Molinar, Richard Small Farm Program
  Farm Advisor, Emeritus Small farms, vegetable crops, organic farming, insect/weed management, specialty crops, sugar peas, strawberries, eggplant, squash, Asian vegetables such as basil, lemongrass, green beans, long beans, gailon, bittermelons, refugee farmers, Hmong, Lao, fluent in Spanish
Moratorio, Mario Solano County
  Emeritus Small Farm Urban Horticulture Advisor Small farms, grapes, urban horticulture and Master Gardener programs in Solano and Yolo.
Murray, Mike Glenn County
  "County Director, Farm Advisor, Emeritus" Vegetable crops, community development
Retired - Baameur, Aziz Small Farm Program
  Retired Emeritus, Farm Advisor Small Farms, cultivar evaluation, nutrient management, irrigation, specialty crops, vegetables, Asian vegetables, Small Farms
Retired - Coates, William Santa Clara County
  Farm Advisor Emeritus (retired) - Pomology (San Benito, Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, Monterey Counties) Pomology - Tree Fruit and Nut Crops
Rilla, Ellie Marin County
  Advisor Emeritus Public policy education, natural resource issues, community development
Rios, Sonia Riverside County
  Area Subtropical Horticulture Advisor
Robb, Karen Mariposa County
  Farm Advisor   County Director Horticulture, Entomology and Integrated Pest Management, Ag/Urban Issues
Schmierer, Jerry Colusa County
  Farm Advisor Emeritus Plant science, alfalfa, wheat,dry beans, corn, barley, and oil seed crops with speciality in precision agriculture and weed management.
(info only) Smith, Richard Monterey County
  Farm Advisor, Vegetable Crop Production & Weed Science Vegetable Crop Production & Weed Science
Stoddard, C. Scott Merced County
  County Director and Farm Advisor  Vegetable Crops and Soils Soil fertility and soil conservation, tomatoes, melons, sweetpotatoes, weed management
Takele, Etaferahu Riverside County
  Area Advisor Farm Management/Agricultural Economics Area Advisor - Farm Management /Agricultural Economics - Production economics, decision-making at the farm level, integrated input management, risk managementSubtropical Fruit Crops (Citrus, Avocados) Vegetable crops, Field CropsRiverside, San Diego, San Bernardino, Imperial, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Los Angles, Orange and Ventura.
Tourte, Laura Santa Cruz County
  Farm Management Advisor - Emeritus
Vossen, Paul Sonoma County
  Farm Advisor - Emeritus (Sonoma & Marin Counties) Fruits / Vegetables / Marketing Tree fruits and nuts, vegetable crops, small farm specialty crops; marketing, Master Gardener Program, organic - sustainable production, olive oil, chestnuts, apples
Wilen, Cheryl Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Statewide Program
  Area Integrated Pest Management Advisor - Emeritus Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for ornamental plant production and maintenance including nurseries, greenhouses, field production, floriculture, turf and landscape, pesticide reduction and alternatives. Research specialty in weed management, snails & slugs.
CE Specialist
Busch, Roselle Veterinary Medicine Extension
  Sheep and Goat Veterinary Medicine Extension Specialist Sheep and Goat Herd Health and Production
Cantwell, Marita Department of Plant Sciences
  CE Vegetable Specialist Postharvest physiology, handling, and storage of vegetables, including specialty and fresh cut vegetables.
Conte, Fred Animal Science
  CE Specialist Fresh water and marine aquaculture production and related public policy and regulatory issues. Computer Software, shellfish sanitation and aquatic animal welfare
(info only) Cook, Roberta Agricultural & Resource Economics
  Specialist in Cooperative Extension Food distribution, Fruit and Vegetable Marketing, International Competition and Trade, Mexican Horticultural Industry, Food safety
Ernst, Ralph Animal Science
  CE Specialist Emeritus Environmental physiology and nutrition of commercial poultry.
Hardesty, Shermain Small Farm Program
  Small Farm Program Extension Economist food systems, small farms, marketing, organics, sustainable agriculture
Jackson, Louise Land, Air & Water Resources
  Emerita Professor   CE Specialist   Plant Physiologist Plant and soil nitrogen dynamics; organic and conventional vegetable production; grassland restoration ecology; agrobiodiversity
Jolly, Desmond Agricultural & Resource Economics
  Former director   Specialist in Cooperative Extension   Small Farm Program Marketing, agricultural sustainability, economics of food safety, consumption economics and public policy, international agricultural development; Director of Small Farm Program
Lanini, W Weed Science Program
  CE Weed Ecologist Ecology, weed crop competition, weed biology and low-input agriculture
Mauk, Peggy Botany & Plant Sciences
  Director of Agricultural Operations/Subtropical Horticulture CE Specialist Citrus, avocados, and dates, crop production management, fiscal and personnel management
Mcgiffen Jr., Milton Botany & Plant Sciences
  CE Specialist and Plant Physiologist Vegetable Crops, Invasive Species, Weed Science, Sustainable Agriculture, and Alternatives to Methyl Bromide
Merhaut, Donald Botany & Plant Sciences
  Extension Specialist for Nursery and Floriculture Crops Plant Nutrition, Woody Ornamentals, Floriculture, Blueberry Production
Muramoto, Joji UC Santa Cruz - Cooperative Extension Specialist
  CE Specialist Organic Production
Mussen, Eric Entomology (UCD)
  CE Apiculturist Apiculture, managing honey bees and wild bees for maximum field production, while minimizing pesticide damage to pollinator population
Pettygrove, G. Land, Air & Water Resources
  CE Soils Specialist Emeritus Soil fertility; land application of wastes and wastewater; dairy manure; winegrape nutrition; precision agriculture.
Pires, Alda Population Health & Reproduction
  Associate Specialist in Cooperative Extension & Associate Agronomist in AES Urban Agriculture and Food Safety, Veterinary Epidemiology,
Rosenberg, Howard Agricultural & Resource Economics & Policy
  CE Specialist Emeritus Labor management and related policy issues in agriculture
Suslow, Trevor Department of Plant Sciences
  Extension Research Specialist Preharvest to Postharvest Microbial food safety systems,postharvest transportation, Postharvest pathology
Temple, Steven Department of Plant Sciences
  WOS   CE Specialist III & Lecturer Agronomy and host plant resistance breeding of grain legumes, legume cover crops, sustainable farming systems; fluent in Spanish.
Westerdahl, Becky Nematology CAES
  CE Specialistáá Professor Applied nematology, integrated pest management
Other ANR
Bailey, John Hopland Research & Extension Center
  Director Sustainable enterprise, ecological horticulture, business planning
Callahan, Rachael Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Program (SAREP)
  Statewide Agritourism Coordinator Agritourism
Feng, Xuewen Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Statewide Program
Fujimoto, Isao Human & Community Development
  Emeritus   Senior Lecturer SOE Strategies for community empowerment, rural revitalization, celebrations and symbols for building community solidarity, sustainable agriculture and appropriate technology, San Joaquin Valley, Third World, Pacific Rim, Japan
(info only) Gonzalez, Refugio Imperial County
  Emeritus Regional Director
Hernandez, Paulina Santa Clara County
  Community Education Specialist II Small Farms Program Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Benito County
Kue, Pang Capitol Corridor MCP Cooperative Extension
  Small Farms Community Educator Hmong
(info only) Lancaster, Donald Modoc County
  Range and forage crops and natural resources
Leff, Penny Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Program (SAREP)
  Agritourism Coordinator/Public Education Specialist Agritourism support
Liesch, Darlene Kern County
  County Director Emeritus Youth development
Malkin, Richard
  Professor Emeritus Photosynthesis: energy transduction in biological membranes
Nader, Glenn Sutter-Yuba Counties
  Farm Advisor   Livestock and Natural Resources, Emeritus Livestock, forage crops, range and natural resources
Sanchez, Yurytzy Capitol Corridor MCP Cooperative Extension
  Community Educator Specialist 2 Small Farms
Singh, Hardeep Central Sierra Cooperative Extension
  Local Food Systems Advisor
Thaoxaochay, C. Lilian Fresno County
  Small Farms Community Educator
Trotter, Vince Marin County
  Sustainable Ag Coordinator & Agricultural Ombudsman
User, Unverified
Vieira, Linda Small Farm Program
  Administrative Specialist Office manager, budget, personnel
Non-UC, paul
  Executive Director
Garcia, Miguel Napa County Resource Conservation District
  Sustainable Agriculture Program Manager
Hendricks, Lonnie UCCE, Merced County
  Farm Advisor Pomology
Jimenez, L Sierra Gold Nurseries
  Human Resources Director
Malkin, Richard
  Professor Emeritus Photosynthesis: energy transduction in biological membranes
Roberts, Bruce
  J.G. Boswell Chair of Agronomy
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ANR Members83
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