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Annual Evaluation (AE) Process, Templates, Review Forms & Examples

Annual Evaluation Guidelines 2019 - 2020

2020 Annual Evaluation Guidelines Revised: 11-22-2019


Annual Evaluation, Goals and Supervisor Review Templates 2019 - 2020

New Academics

Goals only template for those academics who started with ANR on October 1, 2019 or later:

AE Goals template 2019-2020  

Existing Academics

AE and Goals template for those academics who started with ANR before October 1, 2019: 

AE Form and Goals Template 2019-20      

AE Assent Dissent Template   


2019 Supervisor Review_Full AE  


Annual Evaluation Example

AE Example

Annual Evaluation Training 2019-2020

Your brief annual evaluation document - template below - provides the talking points for discussion with your supervisor (the discussion, in essence, is your narrative for that year.

Supervisor Training

Developing Your Goals on the Path to Success

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