e4: The Volunteer Retreat
University of California
e4: The Volunteer Retreat

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4-H Club Team Management

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Saturday 3:30-5:00

Are you a volunteers who is looking for a Community Club Leader model that breaks away from the ineffective style of ONE Club leader trying to meet all the requirements of the role? 

The expectations and workload for the Community Club Leader role is expansive and multifaceted.  Using the Club Team model, adults will review the volunteer roles that create a balanced work load and share the responsibilities among multiple volunteers.

Participants in this workshop will:

  • Obtain clear expectations for various Community Club Leader roles
  • Explore methods for completing internal volunteer administrative tasks that are shared.
  • Explore how to define workload that best serves the club.

Come and enjoy seeing some new possibilities!!!

Lorin Hofmann-Lurz

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