Design Basics

Ready to develop a website? View the training information on working with Site Builder 3 and note the important considerations below.

Branding consistency: Make sure your website follows UC ANR brand standards, and keep the branding consistent throughout your site. The UC ANR brand should be evident and consistent in your design.

Strong images: Effective websites always have strong visuals. They help viewers both engage in and remember the information being shared.

User-friendly: Good websites are easy to use. They have a fast load time, they address accessibility standards, they're mobile friendly, they're easy to navigate, and the content is not overly complicated or cluttered. While some of these factors are addressed by IT and the Site Builder platform behind the scenes, web content creators can greatly influence readability, look-and-feel, navigation and accessibility. 

Calls to action: An opportunity to engage viewers in reading additional information, attending events, subscribing to newsletters, etc. should not be missed. Be sure to include clear calls to action to engage your audiences.