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Powdery Mildew
Powdery Mildew

Our Help desk is a free public service available to the home gardener in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties. If you do not live in Humboldt or Del Norte Counties, to find your local program please visit http://mg.ucanr.edu/FindUs/

Our team of Master Gardeners can assist you with questions about home horticulture and pest management. Complete the Help Desk Ticket below, and your question will be submitted to our Help Desk Team of volunteers.


You may also find  answers to to your questions on the University of California Cooperative Extension Agriculture and Natural Resources Integrative Pest Management Website ( UC IPM) IPM Website Link

Plant Problem Diagnostic Tool Diagnostic Tool Link



Help Desk Ticket

Please complete the survey below to open your Help Desk Ticket

The Master Gardeners will follow up via email with a request for photos.  Here are some tips:

If possible, please provide 3 digital photos that are clear and in focus. To avoid strong shadows, outdoor photos are best taken in the shade, overcast days, or when sun is behind a cloud. We recommend including:

1. Photo showing entire plant/plant group and its surroundings with overall pattern of the plant’s problem

2. Photo showing affected branches, preferably one with both healthy and discolored tissue. 

3. Close-up photo(s) of symptoms, for example centering on one or a few leaves/needles or the place where green tissue meets discolored tissue; or the areas of suspected insect damage (or the insect itself); an area of the trunk, branch, or twig bark you suspect of being abnormal, such as stem lesions, oozing, bumps, insects, white or other color objects.

Thank you for your patience while our Help Desk Team researches your question.

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