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Link to recorded presentation   Recorded March 2021

Do you know what plants in your home and garden are toxic to your pets? There are many common plants and flowers that can cause various reactions to certain animals (and people) ranging from mild stomach disorders to even death. 

Join UCCE Master Gardener Kelley Gelderman, retired DVM, as she speaks on this subject.  Kelley retired in 2017 after 33 years of small animal practice and now is an active Master Gardener in San Joaquin County.  Combining her knowledge of animal medicine and horticulture, this will be a presentation you do not want to miss. 

Link for additional information shared in this presentation.

Lemon with HLB Disease

Asian Citrus Pysllid and Huanglongbing Disease 
The Citrus Devastating Disease

While counties behind the Redwood Coast have thus far been immune to the effects of Huanglongbing disease, it is important for growers of citrus and related plants to know of this devastating disease.

Learn how to identify the Asian Citrus Pysllid and the HLB Disease.

This 17 minute video is presented by Master Gardener, Myron Kelso. Access Video

0723 wildfires

What can be done to improve the chances that a home will survive wildfire? The good news is that research has demonstrated that by careful attention to the selection, location and maintenance of vegetation and other combustibles on the property (i.e., the defensible space on the property), implementing retrofits to “harden” the home, and implementing an ongoing maintenance program, it is possible to substantially improve the odds that a home will survive a future wildfire. These actions do not have to be costly, but they do require an understanding of the three types of exposures a home will experience when threatened by a wildfire. 

Presented by Yana Valachovic,  County Director – Forest Advisor for University of California Cooperative Extension in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties. She is a registered professional forester and forest scientist whose skills and interests cover a wide set of natural resource fields. She is currently the co-lead of the Northern California region of the California Fire Science Consortium and is a founding steering committee member of the Northern California Prescribed Fire Council. She has co-authored papers on fire behavior in coastal California forests and on the intersection of fire performance in home and landscape design.  With the 2017 North Bay fires she has been leading UC Cooperative Extension’s education work in fire building performance and is keenly interested in helping communities learn to build smarter.

Recorded Presentation 
This 1 hour recording from the 7/23/2020 presentation for Humboldt State University's L4HSU.

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x0625 Recorded Vegetable Garden Basics

Master Gardener, Maria Krenek explains the basics of vegetable gardens. There is a lot of information in this 1 hour presentation: knowing your climate zone, sun exposure, soils, starting seed, transplanting, cultural care, and taking care of the gardener.

This is a recording from 06/25/2020 Humboldt State University's  L4HSU presentation.

 Link for Class 

Resources mentioned in the presentation can be found here on edible gardens.

Additional information on climate zones can be found here.

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0716 IPM

Master Gardener, Tom Schrader talks about a balanced approach to healthy gardens in this 55 minute presentation.  He provides home gardeners with research-based information about integrated pest management (IPM) to protect the environment and result in successful gardening experiences. 

This is a recording from L4HSU presentation of 7/16/20

Link for access to virtual class

Resource Links:

IPM-Integrated Pest Management
Resources for Home Gardeners
Beneficial Insects
The California Garden Web

Sunset Western Garden Climate Zones  From the Sunset Western Garden Book (2017 3rd Edition)

Publication - Pests of the Garden and Small Farm: A Grower's Guide to Using Less Pesticides


0707 Heather Growing Basics

Master Gardener Maria Krenek teaches us all about selecting, growing and propagating heaths and heathers.  This one hour presentation will leave you wanting to plant these beauties in your landscape.  Humboldt and Del Norte counties coastal areas provides an excellent climate for them.

This is a recording from 7/7/2020 Humboldt State University's L4HSU presentation. Link for class



0714 Designing

Explore the many gardens that can be created with heaths and heathers that is colorful and beautiful for all seasons. Many uses and styles will be explored to help you find a place in your garden for heaths and heathers. Presented by Maria Krenek, Master Gardener

This is a recording from 7/14/2020 Humboldt State University's L4HSU presentation  Link for Class


Heath and Heather Resources pdf


Humboldt and Del Norte Counties Master Gardener Program Coordinator, Sherida Phibbs speaks what to do to have healthy and happy houseplants. In this one hour presentation learn about the plants that do well and the general requirements for those plants. Learn about repotting, fertilizing and general cultural care for your houseplants. 

This class is a recording from the 7/21/2020 Humboldt State University L4HSU presentation.

Link for access to virtual class.

Resources mentioned during our presentation.

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