Eat & Play Together! Family-Centered Series

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Eat & Play Together! 
is a family-centered nutrition and fitness curriculum for 6-8 year olds and significant adults in the children's lives. Participants become aware of how healthy snacks and fun physical activity contribute to overall health. Child-adult pairs, known as buddies, participate in all activities as a team. Participants are fully engaged in the lessons through hands-on nutrition activities, making healthy fruit and vegetable snacks, and participating in fun games and activities that promote physical activity. 


  • Participants will increase their consumption of fruits and vegetables for snacks
  • Participants will drink water between meals and during physical activity
  • Participants will discover fun ways to be physically active
  • Participants will work as child-adult buddies to incorporate healthy habits into their daily lives
  • Participants will set goals for eating healthier snacks and being physically active 
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  • Lesson 1: What Does Your Plate Look Like?
  • Lesson 2: Beverages, No Added Sugar Required
  • Lesson 3: Snacks, Make Them Healthy
  • Lesson 4: Grains - Get Up and Go!

Participants will:

  • Create and eat a healthy fruit or vegetable snack.
  • Set goals based on eating smart and playing hard.
  • Create and use materials for fun games and activities that promote physical activity. 
  • Receive an Eat Smart Recipe, Play Hard Activity and Summary of Knowledge Center handout