Daniel K. Macon

County Director, Livestock and Natural Resources Advisor
Placer-Nevada Counties
11477 E Avenue
Auburn, CA 95603
dmacon@ucanr.edu Create VCard

Also in:
Sutter-Yuba Counties


Dan Macon is the livestock and natural resources advisor for Placer, Nevada, Sutter and Yuba Counties. Prior to becoming an advisor, he was an associate specialist in rangeland science and management at UC Davis, with research and extension activities focused on drought management, predator-livestock coexistence, small ruminant production systems, and water quality. He holds a master’s degree in integrated resource management from Colorado State University and a bachelor’s degree in agricultural and managerial economics from UC Davis. Dan serves as the co-chair of the UCANR Sheep and Goat Herd Health and Production Work Group and the Rangeland Technology Innovation and Practice Work Group. He is a past president of the California Wool Growers Association and the California-Pacific Section of the Society for Range Management.


MAgr Integrated Resource Management, Colorado State University. 2017
B.S. Agricultural and Managerial Economics, UC Davis. 1990



Rangeland livestock production, economics, and management

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Peer Reviewed

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