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Eastern Sierra Vegetable Gardening

Hands holding 2 whole and 1 sliced ripe tomatoes.
Vegetable gardening is a perennial favorite interest among our Master Gardeners and, it seems, the greater public as well.

Interest in growing edible crops is increasing in the Eastern Sierra. Our climate is challenging but because fresh local produce is so wonderful, the rewards are big.

In this section of the site we have information on raising vegetables. The following links will assist your efforts.

In addition this information specific about vegetables, other sections of our site have information on climate and soils—all beneficial topics for the successful vegetable grower.

Information for Local Gardeners

Getting Started — Things to know about gardening in our climate

What and When to Plant — Local planting guides

Raised Bed Gardening — A good way to grow in poor soil 

Common Problems — What to look out for in the garden

So You Just Moved Here? — Gardening here is different from the rest of California